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# title Contracting authority cpv
1 achat de denrées alimentaires pour la cuisine centrale de Vendôme - 2022 à 2024
contract award notice
ville de Vendôme
(Regional or local authority; General public services)
 Miscellaneous food products
 Cheese products
 Assorted dairy products
 Soft cheese
 Soft drinks
 Canned goods
 Rusks and biscuits; preserved pastry goods and cakes
 Disposable catering supplies
 Pasta products
 Potatoes and dried vegetables
 Dried leguminous vegetables and pulses
 Deep-frozen products
 Prepared dishes
 Bovine meat
 Lamb and mutton
 Sausage products
 Fresh poultry
 Minced beef
 Pastry goods and cakes
 Fruit vegetables
 Apples, pears and quinces
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