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This page lists the notices related to the form "Contract notice" for Ireland. To facilitate the search for a notice, please use the navigation tools placed before and after the table.

There are 12 active notices published in 2020. Totally in the open-ted database for 2020 there are 1071 notices (Ireland).

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title authority name place cpv publication deadline
Tender Request for Training Services 2020 Aviation Skillnet
IRELAND  Training services
 Specialist training services
 Personal development training services
2020-01-16 2020-12-31
Expression of Interest for the Sale of Houses and/or Land for Social Housing to Monaghan Co. Council Monaghan County Council
Border  Building construction work
 Construction work
 Site preparation work
 Site-development work
 Construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses
 Construction work for houses
 Houses construction work
 Urban development construction work
 Building installation work
 Building completion work
 Real estate services
 Development services of real estate
 Development of residential real estate
 Development of non-residential real estate
 Land sale or purchase services
 Land sale services
 Land purchase services
 Vacant-land purchase services
 Land rental or sale services
2020-08-17 2021-03-10
Dynamic Purchasing System for Supply of Bedding and Towels to the Health Service Executive and Organisations Funded by the HSE Health Service Executive (HSE)
IRELAND  Beds and bedding and specialist soft furnishings
 Duvet covers
 Mattress covers
2020-01-14 2024-02-14
HSE 7358 — Dynamic Purchasing System for Authorised Medicinal Products Health Service Executive (HSE)
IRELAND  Pharmaceutical products
 Pharmaceutical articles
 Para-pharmaceutical creams or lotions
2020-01-09 2025-02-10
National DPS for Nutritional Products and Devices Health Service Executive (HSE)
IRELAND  Special nutritional products
 Dietetic products
 Medical consumables
 Administration sets
 Miscellaneous medical devices and products
 Parenteral nutrition products
 Parenteral feeding solutions
 Enteral feeds
 Nutritional pumps
 Health training services
 Services provided by medical personnel
2020-02-13 2025-03-18
National DPS for Renal Equipment; Consumables; Satellite Units; Home Therapies Health Service Executive (HSE)
IRELAND  Renal support devices
 Dialysis needles
 Haemodialysis devices
 Dialysis filters
 Haemodialysis individual monitor
 Haemodialysis multiposition
 Renal consumables
 Renal fluid
 Renal dialysis consumables
 Miscellaneous medical devices and products
 Beds for medical use
 Dialysis solutions
 Health services
 Hospital and related services
 Hospital dialysis services
 Miscellaneous health services
 Dialysis home medical treatment services
2020-02-13 2025-03-18
Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Invitation for the Provision of Specialised Hair and Beauty Products and Related Services Galway Roscommon Education & Training Board
West  Beauty products
2020-05-04 2025-04-30
Dynamic Purchasing System for Civil Engineering Materials (Supply Only) Local Government Operational Procurement Centre (LGOPC)
IRELAND  Road-construction materials
 Sand and clay
 Gravel, sand, crushed stone and aggregates
 Natural sand
 Granules, chippings, stone powder, pebbles, gravel, broken and crushed stone, stone mixtures, sand-gravel mixtures and other aggregates
 Sand-gravel mix
 Broken and crushed stone
 Stone chippings
 Macadam, tarmac and tar sands
 Tar sands
 Additives for cements, mortars or concretes
 Highway materials
 Railway-track construction materials
 Railway materials
 Concrete or mortar mixers
 Construction structures and materials; auxiliary products to construction (except electric apparatus)
 Construction materials and associated items
 Construction materials
 Building materials
 Mortar (construction)
 Paving materials
 Paving stones
 Coated materials
 Coated road materials
 Coated roadstone
 Coating materials
 Bitumen and asphalt
 Road-repair materials
 Road-surfacing materials
 Surface dressing
 Road-maintenance materials
 Winter-maintenance materials
 Ready-mixed concrete
 Concrete products
 Miscellaneous construction materials
 Stone for construction, limestone, gypsum and slate
 Stone for construction
 Miscellaneous building stone
2020-06-30 2026-01-02
KFP063F: Dynamic Purchasing System for the Provision (purchase only) of Passenger Cars and Pickup Trucks to Public Sector Bodies in Ireland The Office of Government Procurement
IRELAND  Passenger cars
 Estate and saloon cars
 Estate cars
 Saloon cars
 4-wheel-drive vehicles
 Police cars
 Other passenger cars
2020-02-05 2026-03-04
External Contract Research Associates National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway)
IRELAND  Research and development services and related consultancy services
 Research and experimental development services
 Research laboratory services
 Research and development consultancy services
2020-03-10 2026-04-20
Dynamic Purchasing System for the Provision of Courier Services Contracts Greater than EUR 25 000 (excl. Vat) to the Public Sector The Office of Government Procurement
IRELAND  Courier services
 Multi-modal courier services
 Parcel delivery services
2020-08-12 2026-08-09
DPS for Managed Print Services and Vendor Neutral Print Audit Services for Office of Government Procurement The Office of Government Procurement
IRELAND  Printing and related services
 Scanner accessories
 Printers and plotters
 Laser printers
 Fax equipment
 Printing and graphics equipment
 Computer audit services
 Survey services
 Survey design services
 Survey conduction services
 Survey analysis services
 Photocopying services
 Printing services
 Services related to printing
2020-07-22 2030-07-21
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