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H2020 projects about "abandon"

The page lists 13 projects related to the topic "abandon".

# achronym  title  year 
1 GreenSoft Toolset for development of high performance and energy-efficient software, realising the potential of ubiquitous computing and the Internet of Things 2017
2 InnoBavaria_3 Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs in Bavaria 2017
3 BaSaR Beyond the Silk Road: Economic Development, Frontier Zones and Inter-Imperiality in the Afro-Eurasian World Region, 300 BCE to 300 CE 2017
4 Therapnea Therapnea: Novel Therapy to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea based on Thomas Oro-Pharyngeal Stent 2017
5 TRACS Commercialisation of TRACS, An Artificial Intelligence Inspired, Text Response Automation system for Customer Support 2017
6 TEQ Testing the Large-Scale Limit of Quantum Mechanics 2018
7 HETERO What does it mean to be heterosexual? 2018
8 ReHub Rehabilitation Hub: The World’s first Digital Recovery Therapy solution 2018
9 CRAM Crosstalk Analysis for Microchips – a New Market Need 2018
10 TerAqua Compact and powerful strong-field terahertz light source for exploring water in new regimes 2019
11 GoSafe Restoring complete sensory ability for natural walking of amputees 2019
12 TAMING CORROSION Towards mastering the long-standing challenge of ageing infrastructures in corrosive environments 2020
13 MEImpact The Consequences of Mismeasuring Economic Activity 2019