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H2020 projects about "democracies"

The page lists 33 projects related to the topic "democracies".

# achronym  title  year 
1 InterDemo Intercultural Democracies: insights from mining conflicts for environmental justice in plurinational Bolivia and Ecuador. 2015
2 Legal Culture Legal Culture under Stalinism in Poland 2016
3 ssmscaifa The Making of Modernist Resistance, 1880-1950 2015
4 IntercommunalSpace Intercommunal Space in Late Antiquity 2016
5 HHFDWC The History of Human Freedom and Dignity in Western Civilization 2016
6 EUROPINIONS Causes and consequences of change in public opinion about Europe 2015
7 POLITICALMIND Explaining Politicians' and Voters' Behavior 2015
8 GTCMR Global Terrorism and Collective Moral Responsibility: Redesigning Military, Police and Intelligence Institutions in Liberal Democracies 2016
9 FIRSTTIME That Special First Time - Boosting Turnout and Satisfaction amongst First Time Voters 2016
10 TRAPRODIG Trauma Studies in the Digital Age: The Impact of Social Media on Trauma Processing in Life Narratives and in Trauma Literature: the Case of Hungary 2016
11 QUALIDEM Eroding Democracies. A qualitative (re-)appraisal of how policies shape democratic linkages in Western democracies 2017
12 HETEROPOLITICS Refiguring the Common and the Political 2017
13 LABOREP Labor Market Segmentation and Political Participation 2018
14 UNREP Who Should Have a Say? Preferences for Unequal Representation 2017
15 BOTFIND BOTFIND: Finding Bots, Detect Harassing Automation, and Restoring Trust in Social Media Civic Engagement 2017
16 UneqDems Unequal Democracies 2017
17 SCHOOLPOL The Transformation of Post-War Education: Causes and Effects 2018
18 LocalCom Digital Local Public Sphere and Local Communication Online: A Comparative Study of Four European countries 2019
19 WPMF Women, Politics and Media Framing (WPMF) in the UK and in Israel – Tackling Western Democracies' Gender Inequality in Politics 2018
20 BANK-LASH Banks, Popular Backlash, and the Post-Crisis Politics of Financial Regulation 2018
21 ACCUPOL Unlimited Growth? A Comparative Analysis of Causes and Consequences of Policy Accumulation 2018
22 GoodNews Fake news detection in social networks using geometric deep learning 2018
23 EXTREME The Rise and Fall of Populism and Extremism 2019
24 MINSOC Minority civil society, inter-ethnic peace and sustainable democracy 2019
25 PPPCM The Impact of Political Parties on Public Claim Making in European Democracies 2020
26 VoiCED VOtIng Citizens and the Ethics of Democracy 2019
27 PEMB The Political Economy of Media Bias 2019
28 PopulistFP The Populist Politics of Foreign Policy 2019
29 DiCED Digital Campaigning and Electoral Democracy 2020
30 EoPPP A Global Comparative Ethnography of Parliaments, Politicians and People: representation, relationships and ruptures 2019
31 OrgMIGRANT How Work Organizations Shape Ethnic Stratification across Immigrant Generations: Assimilation, Segregation, and Workplace Contexts 2020
32 EVaP Elections, Violence, and Parties 2020
33 PHASE How is Populism and Health Associated in Europe (PHASE)? A multilevel analysis of the bi-directional interrelationship between populism and ill health 2020