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H2020 projects about "emancipatory"

The page lists 8 projects related to the topic "emancipatory".

# achronym  title  year 
1 DEALS Deaf life narratives in times of transition. 2015
2 globalfertilitychain Tracing the global fertility chain- A new political economy of outsourced reproduction 2017
3 HURIME Human Rights in the Post-Uprisings Middle East: Emerging Discourses and Practices in Egypt and Tunisia 2017
4 ANTILGBT Anti-LGBT organising and its transnational dynamics: The case of the Balkans 2016
5 EGap Epistemological Gaps in Cultural Theories of the Soviet East and Democratic West in the 1960s and 1970s 2017
6 VOICEs Controversies in Childbirth: from Epistemology to Practices 2018
7 DARE Disability Advocacy Research in Europe 2019
8 NeT-HiDeA New Times at Work. Rethinking History and Politics through Delay and Anticipation 2020