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H2020 projects about "fluent"

The page lists 19 projects related to the topic "fluent".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ISTScholar International IST Doctoral Program 2015
2 Dermtest An empowering toolkit for general practitioners to prevent, detect and treat melanoma (Dermtest) 2015
3 ACOTAAL Automation COncepts and Technologies for Aircraft Assembly Lines in the Aircraft Factory of the Future 2016
4 PROPTER Support to aerodynamic analysis and design of propellers of a compound helicopter 2015
5 ICONIC Improving the crashworthiness of composite transportation structures 2016
6 Factory2Fit Empowering and participatory adaptation of factory automation to fit for workers 2016
7 ThinkNature Development of a multi-stakeholder dialogue platform and Think tank to promote innovation with Nature based solutions 2016
8 FluCoMa Fluid Corpus Manipulation: Creative Research in Musical Mining of Large Sound/Gesture Datasets through Foundational Access to the Latest Advances of Signal Decomposition. 2017
9 HYBRID Innovative Training Network towards raising and supporting the next generation of creative and entrepreneurial cross-speciality imaging experts 2017
10 PIC Personalised In-Silico Cardiology 2017
11 EPIDIVERSE Epigenetic Diversity in Ecology 2017
12 NGBMI Building Next-Generation Brain/Neural-Machine Interfaces For Restoration of Brain Functions 2018
13 Signs For Europe A new social business model for Europe to promote the integration of deaf people in the professional market 2018
14 PreSpeech Predicting speech: what and when does the brain predict during language comprehension? 2018
15 B2FRESH The ultimate digital platform for full transparency and efficiency in the fruits and vegetables trade 2018
16 CLOSER Childhood Leukemia: Overcoming distance between South America and Europe Regions 2019
17 Talk2Leeloo LEELOO is a disruptive digital solution based on Artificial Intelligence, to improve language learning by focusing on conversational skills through on-demand chatbot on everyday topics. 2019
18 COBRA COnversational BRAins 2020
19 NEUSEQBOT NEUro cerebellar recurrent network for motor SEQuence learning in neuroroBOTics 2020