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H2020 projects about "gbps"

The page lists 13 projects related to the topic "gbps".

# achronym  title  year 
1 iBROW Innovative ultra-BROadband ubiquitous Wireless communications through terahertz transceivers 2015
2 SIMPLE Spacefibre IMPLementation design test Equipment 2015
3 SAFARI Scalable And Flexible optical Architecture for Reconfigurable Infrastructure 2014
4 WORTECS Wireless Optical/Radio TErabit Communications 2017
5 ULTRAWAVE Ultra capacity wireless layer beyond 100 GHz based on millimeter wave Traveling Wave Tubes 2017
6 Hi-FLY High-Speed Integrated Satellite Data Systems For Leading EU IndustrY 2018
7 QUPIC Ultra-fast and Cost-effective Quantum Random Number Generator Photonic Integrated Chip 2018
8 CRAM Crosstalk Analysis for Microchips – a New Market Need 2018
9 ThoR TeraHertz end-to-end wireless systems supporting ultra high data Rate applications 2018
10 FLEXGAN Ka-band GaN-based SSPA for flexible payloads and multicarrier operation for 5G satellite concept 2018
11 BI-SDMoF Bit-interleaved sigma-delta modulation over fiber 2019
12 GN4-3 Horizon 2020: H2020-SGA-INFRA-GEANT-2018 (Topic [a] Research and Education Networking) 2019
13 PHAGOSCOPY PHAGOSCOPY: Dissecting cell-autonomous immunity with ex vivo electron cryo-microscopy 2020