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H2020 projects about "lce"

The page lists 23 projects related to the topic "lce".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ButaNexT Next Generation Bio-butanol 2015
2 SENSIBLE Storage-Enabled Sustainable Energy for Buildings and Communities 2015
3 DemoWind DemoWind ERA-NET Cofund action - delivering cost reduction in offshore wind 2015
4 BIOSURF BIOmethane as SUstainable and Renewable Fuel 2015
5 INTERACT Intelligent Non-woven Textiles and Elastomeric Responsive materials by Advancing liquid Crystal Technology 2015
6 STEELANOL Production of sustainable, advanced bio-ethANOL through an innovative gas-fermentation process using exhaust gases emitted in the STEEL industry 2015
7 GATEWAY Developing a Pilot Case aimed at establishing a European infrastructure project for CO2 transport 2015
8 ORC-PLUS Organic Rankine Cycle - Prototype Link to Unit Storage 2015
9 Record Biomap Research Coordination for a Low-Cost Biomethane Production at Small and Medium Scale Applications 2016
10 European Framework Initiative for Energy and Environmental Efficiency in the ICT Sector 2016
11 STOREandGO Innovative large-scale energy STOragE technologies AND Power-to-Gas concepts after Optimisation 2016
12 NEXT-CSP High Temparature concentrated solar thermal power plan with particle receiver and direct thermal storage 2016
13 TIPA Tidal Turbine Power Take-Off Accelerator 2016
14 WiseGRID Wide scale demonstration of Integrated Solutions and business models for European smartGRID 2016
15 TO-SYN-FUEL The Demonstration of Waste Biomass to Synthetic Fuels and Green Hydrogen 2017
16 COMSYN Compact Gasification and Synthesis process for Transport Fuels 2017
17 DOMINOES Smart Distribution Grid: a Market Driven Approach for the Next Generation of Advanced Operation Models and Services 2017
18 RESOLVD Renewable penetration levered by Efficient Low Voltage Distribution grids 2017
19 RealTide Advanced monitoring, simulation and control of tidal devices in unsteady, highly turbulent realistic tide environments 2018
20 APRA Active Polymers for Renewable Functional Actuators 2018
21 LCE-Tool Improving Resource-efficiency in Manufacturing 2018
22 SSFZEP Support stakeholders in zero emission fossil fuel power plants and energy intensive industry 2018
23 SElectiveLi Conceptual Study of Electrochemical based novel process using Lignosulfonates to produce bio-based monomers & polymers 2019