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H2020 projects about "mmwave"

The page lists 15 projects related to the topic "mmwave".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Flex5Gware Flexible and efficient hardware/software platforms for 5G network elements and devices 2015
2 5G-Crosshaul 5G-Crosshaul: The 5G Integrated fronthaul/backhaul 2015
3 5G CHAMPION 5G Communication with a Heterogeneous, Agile Mobile network in the Pyunchang wInter Olympic competioN 2016
4 5G MiEdge 5G MiEdge: Millimeter-wave Edge cloud as an enabler for 5G ecosystem 2016
5 ORCA Orchestration and Reconfguration Control Architecture 2017
6 5G-PHOS 5G integrated Fiber-Wireless networks exploiting existing photonic technologies for high-density SDN-programmable network architectures 2017
7 IoRL Internet of Radio Light 2017
8 5GTRACK Efficient 5G Localization, Tracking, and Environment Mapping for Systems of Autonomous Vehicles 2019
9 5G ALL-STAR 5G AgiLe and fLexible integration of SaTellite And cellulaR 2018
10 PriMO-5G Virtual Presence in Moving Objects through 5G 2018
11 NANOPOLY Artificial permittivity and permeability engineering for future generation sub wavelength analogue integrated circuits and systems 2019
12 MINTS Millimeter-wave Networking and Sensing for Beyond 5G 2019
13 preSENSE IoT-ready radar sensors with micrometer-level accuracy for safe human-machine collaboration 2019
14 Siklu Product validation of Software Defined Radio Chip for RRH that supports multiple frequency channels and ranges from Sub-6GHz to millimetre waves (mmWave) 2019
15 DELIGHT Device-Centric Low-Complexity High-Frequency Networks 2020