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H2020 projects about "rsa"

The page lists 7 projects related to the topic "rsa".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SAFEcrypto Secure Architectures of Future Emerging Cryptography 2015
2 PQCRYPTO Post-quantum cryptography for long-term security 2015
3 ECOROADS Effective and COordinated ROAD infrastructure Safety operations 2015
4 LANGDYN Language dynamics: a neurocognitive approach to incremental interpretation 2015
5 SeQuCom Secure Quantum Communication and Computation 2017
6 NEUROABSTRACTION Abstraction and Generalisation in Human Decision-Making 2017
7 PROMETHEUS PRivacy preserving pOst-quantuM systEms from advanced crypTograpHic mEchanisms Using latticeS 2018