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What is the Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV)

The aim of the CPV is to standardise, by means of a single classification system for public procurement, the terms used by contracting authorities and entities to describe the subject of contracts, by offering an appropriate tool to potential users (contracting entities/authorities, candidates or tenderers in contract award procedure).

The current CPV release consists of a Main Vocabulary and a Supplementary Vocabulary, both available in 22 official EU languages. The Main Vocabulary currently consists of about 9454 terms, listing goods, works and services commonly used in procurement.

The structure is a nine-digit code, the last being a check digit. The first two digits come in a block, so as to accommodate 99 divisions, and the next six digits each represent one level of classification, so there cannot be more than 9 groups at a given level of classification. Zeros are placed at the end of codes, except for the first two digits, and they indicate the level of accuracy of the code (the more zeros it has, the more general it is). In fact where a given level of classification is not further subdivided, a ‘0’ is used in the position for the next more detailed level.

The new Supplementary Vocabulary has been designed to help contracting entities describe the subject matter of contracts comprehensively. It includes two letters (the first defines the section like products, the second defines the group), two digits that define attributes, and a check digit.

Source of CPV data: pagina SIMAP.

How to fill a notice for a call for competition with the CPV? Contracting authorities should try to find the code that suits their envisaged purchase as accurately as possible. Although in some occasions contracting authorities may find themselves having to select several codes, it is important that they select a single code for the title of the contract notice. Should the level of accuracy of the CPV be insufficient, then contracting authorities should refer to the division, group, class or category that better describes their intended purchase - a more general code that can be recognised because it has more zeros.

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