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H2020 projects about "gpu"

The page lists 25 projects related to the topic "gpu".

# achronym  title  year 
1 EMInstr Development of a New Wavelength Scanning Interferometer for Embedded Metrology 2015
2 AMEFOCT Add-on module for optical coherence tomography with en-face view option 2015
3 PAPHOS Parallel photogrammetry system for object panoramas 2015
4 SuperSART Commercialization of an innovative tomographic reconstruction algorithm (Super-sampling SART) for various geometry setups 2016
5 HERMES HERMES - High Efficiency Real-time Multithreading Engine for Space Applications 2016
6 LPGPU2 Low-Power Parallel Computing on GPUs 2 2016
7 GPU-WEAR GPU-WEAR, Ultra-low power heterogeneous Graphics Processing Units for Wearable/IoT devices 2016
8 APU-OFF Auxiliary Power Unit SubstitutiOn Service For AircraFt 2017
9 ECO-H-MEM Advanced Ecosystem for Broad Heterogeneous Memory Usage 2018
10 TPANN Tensor Processing on FPGAs for Artificial Neural Networks 2017
11 DECRON Development of eco-friendly ironmaking processes based onGPU-enhanced DEM-CFD modelling 2017
12 MAWAMOSCA Mass-waste modelling across scales 2017
13 TICOH Taming Irregular Computations On Heterogeneous processors 2017
14 CoupledDB High-Performance Indexing for Emerging GPU-Coupled Databases 2017
15 QCLAB Revolutionary new quantum chemical software for molecular simulations 2017
16 AlgoRNN Recurrent Neural Networks and Related Machines That Learn Algorithms 2017
17 LEGaTO Low Energy Toolset for Heterogeneous Computing 2017
18 LANDSUPPORT Development of Integrated Web-Based Land Decision Support System Aiming Towards the Implementation of Policies for Agriculture and Environment 2018
19 Tips in SCQFT Lattice gauge theories studies of timely theoretical and phenomenological questions in strongly coupled quantum field theories. 2019
20 UltimateMembranes Energy-efficient membranes for carbon capture by crystal engineering of two-dimensional nanoporous materials 2019
21 Hailo-8 End-to-end hardware implementation of Artificial Neural Networks for Edge Computing in Autonomous Vehicles 2019
22 THERMAC Thermal-aware Resource Management for Modern Computing Platforms in the Next Generation of Aircraft 2019
23 CGACE Development of a business model to commercialise GPU accelerated workstations for European hardware providers 2019
24 Pacefish GPU-accelerated CFD software - Highest accuracy in unparalleled speed 2019
25 SemanDiff Semantically correct automatic differentiation 2020