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H2020 projects about "jean"

The page lists 15 projects related to the topic "jean".

# achronym  title  year 
1 BeFOre Bioresources For Oliviculture 2015
2 CL-3DE Choice and learning in a 3-dimensional environment: an investigation of brain and behaviour 2015
3 DEDMEE Derivation of Effective Dynamics from Microscopic Evolution Equations 2015
4 CONRICONF Contentious Rights: A Comparative Study of International Human Rights Norms and their Effects on Domestic Social Conflict 2016
5 SupraChem Lab SupraChem Lab - Laboratory of Supramolecular Chemistry for Adaptive Delivery Systems - ERA Chair initiative 2015
6 FORECAST Fluorescence lifetime optical biopsy system 2017
7 RELOAD REciprocal LOcal ADapatation: the genetic, behavioural and chemical study of the evolutionary maintenance of a mutualism 2016
8 AERO-UA Strategic and Targeted Support for Europe-Ukraine Collaboration in Aviation Research 2016
9 AlgTateGro Constructing line bundles on algebraic varieties -- around conjectures of Tate and Grothendieck 2016
10 RaSiR Rule-algebraic Simple Rewriting 2017
11 Aural Paris Aural Paris: The Changing Identities of The City of Sound in Music, Film and Literature, 1870-1940. 2018
12 ESSINDEX Essential Indexicality 2019
13 MicroLightProtoCell Microfluidics-assisted design and construction of light-responsive protocells 2018
14 ReFraMed Histories Rewriting and (Re-)Framing Memory in Late Medieval Historiography. The Case of Brabant (14th-15th c.) 2019
15 UCONCRI Universality, Conflict, and Social Critique in Jean-Francois Lyotard and the Frankfurt School 2020