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H2020 projects about "opt"

The page lists 18 projects related to the topic "opt".

# achronym  title  year 
1 LYMPHOSIGN Integrated study of the role of B-cell receptor signaling in the development of Follicular Lymphoma 2015
2 TRAINSFARE Transport System with Artificial Intelligence for Safety and Fare Evasion 2015
3 Smartphone-ANCIH Smartphone A new concept in hearing…”: an interactive real-time embedded audio solution that offers a significant/disruptive change in hearing technology and market. 2015
4 CORAL Cost-ORiented Agile Localisation 2015
5 Cloud Your Car UBI Establishing new eco-driving methods to score drivers and to enhance good driving habits based on advanced analytical B2B software platform for Connected Cars. 2016
6 RustBelt Logical Foundations for the Future of Safe Systems Programming 2016
7 POSEC Postsecular Conflicts and the role of Russian Orthodoxy in the transnational alliances of moral conservative traditionalists 2016
8 2016
9 ISTplus ISTplus - Postdoctoral Fellowships 2017
10 UR Browser The first all-European web browser capable of guaranteeing comprehensive online privacy and security for EU Internet users 2017
11 DiSect The Tumour Stroma as a Driver of Clonal Selection 2018
12 MITTE MITTE: Create your own mineral water like nature 2018
13 BOXBOT A fast and powerful 3D cargo space usage optimization service for logistics industry 2018
14 RADDICS Reliable Data-Driven Decision Making in Cyber-Physical Systems 2019
15 Archii Unrivalled AI powered document handling and data extraction system 2019
16 BIONICbacteria Integrating a novel layer of synthetic biology tools in Pseudomonas, inspired by bacterial viruses 2019
17 OPT-PCC Optimized Dynamic Point Cloud Compression 2020
18 NEFERTITI A Novel Eco-Friendly, dually Efficient and Resistance-free Treatment of vaginITIs 2020