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Periodic Reporting for period 1 - GoJelly (GoJelly - A gelatinous solution to plastic pollution)


\"GoJelly aims to develop, test and promote a gelatinous solution to microplastic pollution by developing a TRL 5-6 prototype microplastics filter for commercial and public use, where the main raw material is jellyfish mucus. In doing so, the consortium addresses two...


\"GoJelly aims to develop, test and promote a gelatinous solution to microplastic pollution by developing a TRL 5-6 prototype microplastics filter for commercial and public use, where the main raw material is jellyfish mucus. In doing so, the consortium addresses two environmental issues with one approach by removing the commercially and ecologically destructive sea and coastal pollution of both jellyfish and microplastics. This innovative approach will ultimately lead to less plastic in the ocean, municipal demand for jellyfish raw material to fill the \"\"mucus-need\"\" by filter developers, and in turn more jobs for commercial fishers in off-seasons. The by-products of the GoJelly biomass have other uses as well, ensuring that GoJelly also delivers a green innovation, resulting in a novel resource for the food and feed industry as well as fertilizer for organic farming. The GoJelly prototype products will be tested and demonstrated in three different European seas, by a range of stakeholders, including commercial fishers and industry partners. Tying it together, the project will also ensure the possibilities for broader European promotion and utilization of GoJelly at the local, regional, and global level by delivering a socioecological methodological toolbox for forming and implementing policies. GoJelly will broadly communicate its results in several formats such as traditional social media, open lab ship cruise, and in the form of a game depicting different management scenarios. An interdisciplinary and international consortium consisting of technology developers, business analysts, fishing companies, research institutes, and both natural and social scientists will realize GoJelly, and will ensure the uptake of GoJelly products by industry and policymakers.\"

Work performed

The main objectives are described in the following paragraphs.

Objective 1: build an ecological model to trace the origin of jellyfish seed populations and develop a short term prediction tool on JF aggregations and drifting.

Objective 2: take advantage of the particle-binding properties of JF mucus, in order to develop an innovative filter to trap the small plastic particles at waste-water treatment plants and thereby mitigate this pollution.

Objective 3: GoJelly will consolidate and validate existing basic research on JF microplastic trapping efficiency with the aim of designing a prototype to be tested in pilot-scale experiments within selected case study areas.

Objective 4: To develop a variety of JF based products including nutraceuticals, antioxidants, JF derived foods and feed, JF organic fertilizer, new line of cosmetic cream for external application, bioactive compounds from JF species intended as additives.

Objective 5: Assesses the global socio-economic and environmental benefits and trade-offs of an International Treaty banning micro-plastics in household products.

Objective 6: Explore the consumer willingness to adapt and assess whether private governance schemes affect consumer purchasing behavior, as an alternative to a global ban.

Objective 7: evaluate JF trade-off scenarios in three case areas in the Norwegian- North- and Mediterranean Seas for case specific important industries.

Objective 8: To develop marketing and exploitation strategies for intended products and services in the different market segments to the customer’s responsible end users

All objectives are still ‘ongoing’.

Final results

(1) Anti-microplastic filter: New ecologically sound technology to prevent MP to enter seas, High absorption capacity

(2) App + Map: Forecasting tool on JF blooms, Multipurpose monitoring tool

(3) Socio-economic game: Develop an innovative application to explore the basic issues of MP and simulate JF blooms and socio-economic trade-offs
(4) Organic fertilizer: New soil fertilizer compound of green cut and JF biomass, Standardized bio tools for jellyfish quality analysis

(5) New JF collagen products: New compound for cosmetic healthy aging skin application, Substance of active disinfectant and new treatment tissue for dermatologic and rare diseases

(6) cartilage and tendon strengthening capsules: New tissue for medical and cosmetic well- being and medical application based on JF mucus

(7) Aquaculture feed supplement: JF biomass extracts for feed supplement, New protein mixture and formulas for plant breeding

(8) Collagen/ tissue matrix: Bio-based polymer tissue for various rheumatoid applications, JF Collagen matrices, Protein pellets to protect against animal’s disease-transmitting

(9) JF cookbook: JF food products marketing strategy in EU, Healthy diet products of JF

(10) Fishery: Harvesting guideline, Exploration of JF bycatch, Contribution to EU EMFF policy recommendations

(11) Life cycle control and life feed: Life cycle assessment of optimal aquaculture feeding conditions and JF cultivation

(12) Data management service: JF biobank made available through SDU SharePoint web service for use of EU marine research centres
(13) JF use as live feed: LCA protocols specification, Use guidelines

(14) Extraction protocol for JF biomolecules: Bio-natural JF cosmetics formulas, Brochure on bio-molecules for new applications

(15) Extraction protocol for JF in nutraceuticals: Detection of bioactive compound and molecules, Preservation methods, Economic feasibility

(16) Extraction protocol: Stressor-free harvesting methods

(17) Production process: Good practice standard of processing method and protocol for healthy JF products

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