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Periodic Reporting for period 1 - BEATIK (Beatik- Collaborative Digital Scores Platform for Classical Music)


BEATIK is a 100% paperless solution for the use and distribution of music scores. BEATIK library is composed of more than 400,000 copyrighted free scores, more than 2,000 Smart Scores with automatic page-turning and best-quality Smart Scores from renown music publishers. Also...


BEATIK is a 100% paperless solution for the use and distribution of music scores. BEATIK library is composed of more than 400,000 copyrighted free scores, more than 2,000 Smart Scores with automatic page-turning and best-quality Smart Scores from renown music publishers. Also, musicians can upload to BEATIK their own arrangements in digital format. Beyond simply representing the written music on a screen, the BEATIK app features our unmatched score-following and automatic page turning and includes a host of other innovative tools for interactions between musicians working together in large groups. BEATIK will provide an integrated platform and eco-system to help all musicians and the institutions they belong to, such as orchestras, conservatoires and music schools, from performance preparation to sharing annotations and score distribution. This will greatly reduce the quantity of paper used in distributing sheet music, its storage and transportation, the cost of which currently average up to €150k annually / music institution. Our solution offers considerable savings for organisations with many musicians, providing a tool to supersede paper scores and the limited digital scores solutions currently on the market. We forecast sales of €7.75M in year 3, with annual profit of 5.02 (EBITDA). After €1.07 million total investment, we estimate a Return on Investment (ROI) of 7.24 three years after the completion of this Phase 2 project.
RevInClassic was established in September 2015 with the purpose of bringing digital tools into the realm of how classical musicians prepare and perform, by revolutionizing their interactions with written music and managing their scores. The result is BEATIK. The RevInClassic team is a mixture of musicians, engineers and entrepreneurs, and have close interactions with ensembles, conservatories and orchestras.

Work performed

The main objective of this project is to improve BEATIK from an app with limited features directed to individual musicians, to a solution of app+platform with new and important functionalities that fully cover rehearsals and performances of classical music, as well as the distribution and score management needs of music organisations that have many players (incl. students, professionals, amateurs).
During this first period, the BEATIK app has been improved with the following new features:
• iOS and Android porting. The app is now working also on Android platform from 7.0 version of Android. We have developed an intensive hardware and software testing.
• Score catalog. The sheet music available by BEATIK clients can be classified into the following items:
o Copyright free PDF’s: More than 400,000 scores are now stored in the BEATIK library.
o Smart scores from BEATIK catalog. Copyright free scores that have been digitalized (in XML format) in order to be ready for automatic page turning. Our catalog now includes about 2,000 smart scores.
o Smart scores from publishers. BEATIK library is designed for including scores from renown publishers.
o User’s XML sheet music. Some musicians and ensembles are editing their own scores in XML format. The app is now ready for receiving these scores (with more than one instruments).
• Cloud platform. The cloud platform involves the following services:
o Web access for user login and sign up.
o A front-end to introduce scores in BEATIK library.
o A robust search engine for BEATIK library.
o Web interface management of users.

Objectives listed on the proposal and our achievements:

• Technical achievements:
Database for users, managing groups, interconnections and hierarchy and positions within groups. Web interface to allow bulk management of user groups/roles and distribution of scores. We have defined a database for managing groups of musicians. The database design is flexible enough to be used for orchestras, schools of music and ensembles. A user from each group of musicians is responsible for managing the roles and score distribution.
Database for content, to make scores available for download through the app. BEATIK library is now implemented with more than 400,000 digital scores in PDF format and more than 2,000 digital scores that includes the XML format (named as Smart scores). BEATIK library is also ready for including digital scores from publishers and for importing scores from users in PDF and XML formats.
Encryption and security of data (.btk). All smart scores (from BEATIK catalog, from publishers or XML files imported by users) are stored in .BTK format. This format is encrypted in order to assure the security of the data.
Successful porting from iOS to Android. BEATIK app is now completely functional in Android platform. The implementation in Android has been carried out using High Performance Computing techniques and parallelism in order to use all the computing resources at the device when performing the score-following algorithm.
BEATIK app is now ready in convert any sheet music in XML format. We have implemented a service for parsing XML files from users and converting them into Smart scores (ready for automatic page turning)..

• Commercial & financial activities:
We organized the 27th of February 2019, the first BEATIK concert as the kick-off of our crowdfunding campaign, the press releases for this event were published in the following media: La Vanguardia, Melómano digital, ABC, El Confidencial Digital, Biblioteca CSMA, Lo Más Música, Mundo Clásico, Ritmo, Aula Magna, 20 minutos, Onda Cero, Cope, Iberian Press, Madrid Business.
Also, some press releases have been published focusing on BEATIK project: Applicantes, CanalSur.
The composer Juan Antonio Simarro has tried out BEATIK app with a composition designed for allowing the pianists showing their own expression when performing
The BEATIK festival is sche

Final results

BEATIK aims to completely replace printed music scores. BEATIK will distribute music scores with a fully digital business
model. This new business model has cost-saving potential for musicians, managers and also music publishers.
Compared to competitors, BEATIK has the following advantages:
• Best-in-class Score Following algorithm providing active listening of all instruments of an orchestra or group of musicians.
• Annotations management: The only in-real-time score annotations exchange that facilitates collaborative work among musicians.
• All-in-one management tool for music institutions for effective administration of musical information during preparation and performances of musical pieces.

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