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H2020 projects about "1s"

The page lists 16 projects related to the topic "1s".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SiCWIRE Silicon Carbide Nanowires for Electronic and biosensing applications 2016
2 CMSHInBeauty Measuring the open to closed beauty ratio in heavy-ion collisions at LHC 2015
3 iMPACT innovative Medical Protons Achromatic Calorimeter and Tracker 2016
4 QED-PROTONSIZE The Proton Size Puzzle: Testing QED at Extreme Wavelengths 2016
5 TORC Truck with an Organic Rankine Cycle 2016
6 HyperMu Hyperfine splittings in muonic atoms and laser technology 2017
7 FLYwheel Low-cost, High-efficiency FLYwheel Energy Recovery System for On-highway Commercial Vehicles 2017
8 XUV-COMB High Resolution Extreme Ultraviolet Laser Spectroscopy 2017
9 MERLIN Methodologies for Researcher Led INnovations 2017
10 TAPP X The world's first Sensor-Based Water Filter to Purify and Analyse Tap Water 2018
11 Triboconditioning Development of an innovative and cost-efficient process for friction and wear reduction 2018
12 PHP2 Pulsating Heat Pipes for Hybrid Propulsion systems 2018
13 Mu-MASS Muonium Laser Spectroscopy 2019
14 ZIMASS Smart Mobile awarenes and safety system for workzone invasion 2019
15 ORIGIN Optical Fibre Dose Imaging for Adaptive Brachytherapy 2020
16 UCUPA Unraveling the Molecular Changes that Drive the Repression of the Unfolded Protein Response with Ageing 2020