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H2020 projects about "benthic"

The page lists 20 projects related to the topic "benthic".

# achronym  title  year 
1 AORAC-SA Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Support Action 2015
2 HADES Benthic diagenesis and microbiology of hadal trenches 2016
3 metaVir-Alp Alpine lakes benthic viral community structure and diversity: a metagenomic and ecological approach 2016
4 ARCDIV Up-scaling Arctic diversity analysis to link community organisation and ecosystem functioning 2016
5 GHaNA The Genus Haslea, New marine resources for blue biotechnology and Aquaculture 2017
6 VirtualNet VirtualNet 2016
7 AQUACOSM Network of Leading European AQUAtic MesoCOSM Facilities Connecting Mountains to Oceans from the Arctic to the Mediterranean 2017
8 FishMan Unwanted catches of trawl fisheries: ecosystem effects and advances to an integratedmanagement approach in the Mediterranean 2017
9 ADAPTOMICS Adaptations to temperature regimes in sponges: Genomic insights into the developmental and physiological evolutionary changes of early-branching metazoans 2017
10 GRECO Groundwater effects on coastal ecosystems 2017
11 SEAMET Multi-driver climate change effects on SEAgrass METabolism: ecosystem implications 2018
12 TEAM-Coast Toward a new generation of Ecological Assessment tools for the Management Coastal environment 2018
13 BIOPADE Biological Impact of Oil Pollution in Arctic and Deep-sea Environment 2017
14 FlocDOM A broad ecological approach to study the biological uptake of dissolved organic matter (DOM) and DOM-flocculates in the rapidly changing Arctic coastal ecosystems 2019
15 FLAMMINGGOS Functional Links in Avian, Microbial, Macrophyte, and INvertebrate Greenhouse Gas Output Stimulation 2018
16 OldCO2NewArchives CO2 reconstruction over the last 100 Myr from novel geological archives 2019
17 INDEXCLIMA Indian-Atlantic interocean exchange as modulator of global climate 2019
18 RHODOCAR Global and local impacts on Atlantic RHODOlith beds: Implications for estimates of blue CARbon ecosystem services 2019
20 CoastCarb Coastal ecosystem carbon balance in times of rapid glacier melt 2020