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H2020 projects about "calculating"

The page lists 29 projects related to the topic "calculating".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ATHLOS Ageing Trajectories of Health: Longitudinal Opportunities and Synergies 2015
2 COEVOLUTION Black holes and their host galaxies: coevolution across cosmic time 2015
3 CADORS Computer-Aided Design Of Revolutionary Superalloys 2015
4 Soft Gluons Soft Gluon Physics and Multi-Loop Calculations 2015
5 GLANCE calculatinG heaLth impActs of atmospheric pollutioN in a Changing climatE 2015
6 UNRAVELS UNderstanding, descRibing And Visualizing Electronic charge in noveL oxide heteroStructures 2015
7 EENHessenInnovation Establishing services enhancing innovation management capacity of SMEs in the Enterprise Europe Network: Hessen 2014
8 CRAGSMAN The Impact of Cosmic Rays on Galaxy and Cluster Formation 2016
9 VIGI-LEAK A Smart Technology Trained for Preventing Leakages from Sewer Systems 2015
10 DISCOVERING Interdisciplinary Model of Schooling: Exploring Ethical Culture in International Science Assessments 2016
11 TopOutEq Topological and Correlated Quantum Systems out of Equilibrium 2017
12 PARTNER Probabilistic Assessment of Reduction and Transfer of Natural Earthquake Risk 2017
13 mySMARTLife Smart Transition of EU cities towards a new concept of smart Life and Economy 2016
14 CPB 4.0 Worldwide unique, resource-conserving and energy-efficient treatment of industrial wastewater polluted by oils and heavy metals for implementing the EU Water Framework Directive in a company 2017
15 DogSPEC Multimodal Spectral Imaging for Canine Skin Erythema Estimation: from the Lab to the Clinic – DogSPEC 2017
16 DiskTorqueOnPlanets New Frontiers in Modeling Planet-Disk Interactions: from Disk Thermodynamics to Multi-Planet Systems 2017
17 RaSiR Rule-algebraic Simple Rewriting 2017
18 SHOKA Community-based cyclist navigation solution to increase safety of utility bikers 2017
19 IMAGE Innovative Optical/Quasioptical Technologies and Nano Engineering of Anisotropic Materials for Creating Active Cells with Substantially Improved Energy Efficiency 2018
20 LIMA Controlling light-matter interactions by quantum designed 2D materials 2018
21 Men of Value How much is a man worth. Slavery and market of individual identities in early modern Naples andValencia 2018
22 UMOTA Ultracold Molecules in Optical Trap Arrays 2018
23 MaLeR Machine Learning applied to Reactivity: combination of HDNNs with ReaxFF 2018
24 AMIGOclimate Customised climate index insurance services for agriculture 2019
25 RESILOC Resilient Europe and Societies by Innovating Local Communities 2019
26 FrEQuMP Frequency-encoded quantum multi-photon interference devices 2019
28 ATHLETE Advancing Tools for Human Early Lifecourse Exposome Research and Translation 2020
29 DeepNOE DeepNOE: Leveraging deep learning for protein structure solving at ultra-high resolution on the basis of NMR measurements with exact nuclear Overhauser enhancement 2020