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H2020 projects about "cardboard"

The page lists 22 projects related to the topic "cardboard".

# achronym  title  year 
1 FLEXI-PYROCAT Development of flexible pyrolysis-catalysis processing of waste plastics for selective production of high value products through research and innovation 2015
2 FASTBOX Improvement and sustainability of box production’s process for e-commerce 2015
3 INSECTBARRIER Insect-repellent coating for food packages 2016
4 Plasmapower PlasmaPower: hydro-catalytic plasma gasification for high-efficiency energy generation 2016
5 HydroNanoCoating Hydrophobic Nano Coating for Cardboard Food Packaging with a 40% increased resistance to water and 3x times longer durability 2016
6 Cellulose recovery High quality cellulose recovery from AHP: From used diaper to coatings additive 2016
7 FRESHTRAY New corrugated cardboard for active packaging to extend shelf-life of fresh fruits and vegetables 2017
8 UPALET Strong, sustainable and waterproof cardboard pallet that equals load carrying capacity of wooden pallets 2017
9 BIOSMART Bio-based smart packaging for enhanced preservation of food quality. 2017
10 PERCAL Chemical building blocks from versatile MSW biorefinery 2017
11 Eco-sleeve Eco-sleeve is a propellant-free technology for Aerosols, generating high pressure to provide the familiar consumer experience of continuous dispensing. 2017
12 FRESHTRAY New multi-active cardboard packaging solution to extend the shelf-life of fresh fruits and vegetables by 40%. 2018
13 PECREGEN Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production from H2S in a Regenerative Scrubber 2019
14 DMAG Draw Me A Garden: Ground-breaking SaaS / e-commerce platform that brings expert and sustainable gardening within everyone’s reach 2018
15 IPAC The first insulating, loadbearing cardboard material for construction applications 2018
16 UBQ Material Converting household waste into sustainable bio-based materials 2018
17 ECOAT ECO sustainable multifunctional biobased COATings with enhanced performance and end of life options 2019
18 Cool Wool Box Lowering the environmental impact of fresh fish logistics 2019
19 pluumo Sustainable thermal packaging from waste feathers 2019
20 ECOFIPS ECOFIPS: Ecological Fibres for Insulation, Pulp and Substrate 2019
21 BioPP BioProtect Paper: Off-line machine for advanced bio-coating paper 2019
22 SIAM Scaling Up Innovation through Analogy Mining 2020