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H2020 projects about "commensurate"

The page lists 19 projects related to the topic "commensurate".

# achronym  title  year 
1 QUINCY Quantifying the effects of interacting nutrient cycles on terrestrial biosphere dynamics and their climate feedbacks QUINCY 2015
2 SAAB 'Science as Applied to Building' : Science, Construction, and Architectural Acoustics (1914-1954) 2015
3 HLQPT Holographic lattices and quantum phase transitions 2015
4 E-CAM An e-infrastructure for software, training and consultancy in simulation and modelling 2015
5 Fortissimo 2 Factories of the Future Resources, Technology, Infrastructure and Services for Simulation and Modelling 2 2015
6 EDEN2020 Enhanced Delivery Ecosystem for Neurosurgery in 2020 2016
7 GATED Segregated education in post-conflict Bosnia and the possibilities of future conflicts in Europe 2016
8 Smartphon Small - and nano - scale soft phononics 2016
9 FReSMe From residual steel gasses to methanol 2016
10 CEASELESS Copernicus Evolution and Aplications with Sentinel Enhancements and Land Effluents for Shores and Seas 2016
11 NanoArray Optical lattices around a nanofiber waveguide 2016
12 HISTPLAY The History Play and the British Enlightenment, 1750-1815 2017
13 RANdOM Systematic search of RegulAtory elements coNtrOlling autosomal Monoallelic expression 2018
14 CHAOSPIN Chaos-based information processing using spintronic nano-oscillators 2018
15 DISCO Modern spent fuel dissolution and chemistry in failed container conditions 2017
16 CO-SUSTAIN Collaborative Sustainable Innovation: co-designing governance approaches for a sustainable and innovative small-scale fishing industry in the Irish islands 2018
17 Constr-HaVi Construction techniques, experimentation and innovative architectural solutions atHadrian’s Villa (Tivoli, Italy) 2019
18 ALL Animated Language Learning Ltd 2018
19 PersonalizeAF Personalized Therapies for Atrial Fibrillation. A Translational Approach 2020