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H2020 projects about "cosmology"

The page lists 99 projects related to the topic "cosmology".

# achronym  title  year 
1 NewAve New avenues towards solving the dark matter puzzle 2015
2 AIDA An Illumination of the Dark Ages: modeling reionization and interpreting observations 2015
3 SKPLUS Super-Kamiokande plus 2014
4 CosTesGrav Cosmological Tests of Gravity 2015
5 BRANECOSMOLOGY Quantum and String Cosmology with Branes and Fluxes 2015
6 DEFT Dark energy, non-linearites and effective theories 2015
7 REGMat Rotational effects on strongly gravitating systems with matter 2015
8 NITEC NITEC: a Negative Ion Time Expansion Chamber for directional Dark Matter search 2015
9 PolAME Polarimetry of Anomalous Microwave Emission: Implication for B-mode Polarization Detection and Galactic Science 2016
10 COSMOVOID Cosmology with voids and superclusters: combining theory, simulation and observation 2015
11 NewPhysicsInSpace Indirect Probes of New Physical Phenomena in Space 2015
12 BlackHoleMaps Mapping gravitational waves from collisions of black holes 2015
13 STRINGFLATION Inflation in String Theory - Connecting Quantum Gravity with Observations 2015
14 DEDALE Data Learning on Manifolds and Future Challenges 2015
15 DARKHORIZONS Dark Matter and the Early Universe in the LHC Era 2015
16 MaGRaTh Matter and strong-field gravity: New frontiers in Einstein’s theory 2015
17 CTA-DEV Cherenkov Telescope Array: Infrastructure Development and Start of Implementation 2015
18 Perspectival Realism Perspectival Realism. Science, Knowledge, and Truth from a Human Vantage Point 2016
19 COSFORM Cosmological Structure Formation in the Multiverse 2015
20 BHstabNL The fate of black holes in high-energy physics -- exploring their dynamical instabilities 2016
21 SM-GRAV Gravity, Holography and The Standard Model 2016
22 RADIOFOREGROUNDS Ultimate modelling of Radio foregrounds: a key ingredient for cosmology 2016
23 COSMO_SIMS Astrophysics for the Dark Universe: Cosmological simulations in the context of dark matter and dark energy research 2016
24 GREinGC General Relativistic Effect in Galaxy Clustering as a Novel Probe of Inflationary Cosmology 2016
25 CARMI Cosmology, Astronomy, and Religion in Medieval India 2017
26 QLO-QG Quasi-local observables in quantum gravity 2016
27 Exile and Technology Austro-German exile in America 1930-45: interrogating the relationship between science, technology and modern selfhood in cultural and musical discourses. 2016
28 DDM-GNI Discrete Dirac Mechanics and Geometric Numerical Integration Methods for Plasma Physics 2016
29 COSMIC LENS Delivering on the Promise of Measuring Dark Energy from Cosmic Lensing 2016
30 GravityLS Large Scale Structure Constraints of General Relativity 2016
31 NuBSM From Fermi to Planck : a bottom up approach 2016
32 LHCDMTOP Novel Dark Matter Searches with Top Quarks at the Large Hadron Collider 2016
33 TOPVAC From Topological Matter to Relativistic Quantum Vacuum 2016
34 GrInflaGal Gravity, Inflation, and Galaxies: Fundamental Physics with Large-Scale Structure 2016
35 ByoPiC The Baryon Picture of the Cosmos 2017
36 Magnetic Universe Unveiling interstellar and intergalactic magnetic fields with radio polarimetry and theoretical astrophysics 2017
37 Dark-OsT Experimental Searches for Oscillating and Transient effects from the Dark Sector 2016
39 NLO-CO Large scale structure of the Universe and fundamental physics 2017
40 MUSTANG Multi-scale Star Formation Across Nascent Galaxies 2017
41 ClustersXCosmo Fundamental physics, Cosmology and Astrophysics: Galaxy Clusters at the Cross-roads 2017
42 BACCO Burning on Accreting Compact Objects 2017
43 ExclusiveHiggs Search for New Physics in First and Second Generation Quark Yukawa Couplings through Rare Exclusive Decays of the Observed Higgs Boson 2017
44 DRANOEL Deciphering RAdio NOn-thermal Emission on the Largest scales 2017
45 DELPHI DELPHI: a framework to study Dark Matter and the emergence of galaxies in the epoch of reionization 2017
46 BACCO Bias and Clustering Calculations Optimised: Maximising discovery with galaxy surveys 2017
47 BePreSysE Beyond Precision Cosmology: dealing with Systematic Errors 2017
48 NpQFT-NEq New non perturbative methods for out-of-equilibrium quantum field theory 2017
49 CMBSPEC Next Steps in Cosmology with CMB Spectral Distortions 2017
50 CACHEM CACHEM: Probing Clustering of X-ray AGN using Chandra and Semi-Empirical Models 2018
51 TESTINF Testing Cosmic Inflation and Reheating in the Very Early Universe 2017
52 NEDM The Neutron Electric Dipole Moment: pushing the precision to understand the matter-antimatter asymmetry 2017
53 MassiveCosmo Massive Gravity and Cosmology 2017
54 INFPROBES Microscopic Probes of Inflationary Cosmology 2017
55 ARTHUS Advances in Research on Theories of the Dark Universe - Inhomogeneity Effects in Relativistic Cosmology 2017
56 TOPMAT Topological Materials: New Fermions, Realization of Single Crystals and their Physical Properties 2017
57 INTERSTELLAR The Interstellar Medium of High Redshift Galaxies 2017
58 Rural Riches Rural Riches. The bottom-up development of Post-Roman Northwestern Europe (450-640) 2017
59 EarlyModernCosmology Institutions and Metaphysics of Cosmology in the Epistemic Networks of Seventeenth-Century Europe 2017
60 LEDA The challenging quest for low-mass dark structures 2018
61 NewPhysLat Search for new physics through lattice simulations 2017
62 QGP-MYSTERY Demystifying the Quark-Gluon Plasma 2018
63 PROTEUS Paradoxes and Metaphors of Time in Early Universe(s) 2018
64 SUPERSTARS Type Ia supernovae: from explosions to cosmology 2018
65 USNAC Understanding Type Ia SuperNovae for Accurate Cosmology 2018
66 EWC Enabling Weak lensing Cosmology 2018
67 BAHAMAS A holistic approach to large-scale structure cosmology 2018
68 LENSNOVA Cosmic Fireworks Première: Unravelling Enigmas of Type Ia Supernova Progenitor and Cosmology through Strong Lensing 2018
69 AxiBAU Axions as the Origin of the Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe 2019
70 Bits2Cosmology Time-domain Gibbs sampling: From bits to inflationary gravitational waves 2018
71 COSMIC-LITMUS Turning cosmic shear into a litmus test for the standard model of cosmology 2018
72 Cosmo-Blow-Up Deflating the blow-up: controlling infinities in cosmic fluid descriptions 2018
73 DarkMatterAndHiggs Searching for Dark Matter in the Higgs boson sector with the ATLAS detector 2018
74 ENCORE Exploring Neutrinos: Cosmology, Oscillations, REactors 2018
75 EUVSBSMP Early Universe Vacuum Stability and Beyond the Standard Model Physics 2019
76 COSMICLENS Cosmology with Strong Gravitational Lensing 2018
77 InflaBoot Bootstrapping Inflationary Cosmology 2018
78 Joint-probe analyses Cosmological joint-probe analyses: constraining the effect of baryon physics on the matter distribution 2018
79 GemX Towards a ton-scale Ge-76 observatory for neutrinoless double beta decay 2018
80 DMIDAS Astrophysical constraints on the identity of the dark matter 2018
81 IAXOplus Towards the detection of the axion with the International Axion Observatory 2018
82 Symmetries-Cosmology Duality Symmetries, Higher Derivatives, and their Applications in Cosmology 2018
83 Qosmology Quantum Effects in Early Universe Cosmology 2018
84 NEFERTITI NEar FiEld cosmology: Re-Tracing Invisible TImes 2019
85 CENNS Probing new physics with Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering and a tabletop experiment 2019
86 GRAMS GRavity from Astrophysical to Microscopic Scales 2019
87 GMGalaxies Understanding the diversity of galaxy morphology in the era of large spectroscopic surveys 2019
88 Cosmoglobe Cosmoglobe -- mapping the universe from the Milky Way to the Big Bang 2019
89 SNDTD Resolving the origins of supernovae: constraining progenitors with integral field spectroscopy 2019
90 AXIONRUSH Rethinking Ultraviolet Scenarios for Hunting the AXION 2019
91 CMBLENS CMB Lensing at Sub-Percent Precision: A New Probe of Cosmology and Fundamental Physics 2020
92 CMBforward A programme for cosmology from current and next-generation Cosmic Microwave Background experiments 2020
93 FutureLSS Fundamental physics from the large-scale structure of the Universe 2020
94 STAREX STARs at the EXtreme 2020
95 UnDark New Approaches to Uncover Dark Matter in the post-WIMP Era 2020
96 BEHOMO Cosmology Beyond Homogeneity and Isotropy 2020
97 GLADIUS Gravitational Lensing Analysis for Data Intensive Upcoming Surveys 2020
98 DhostHunt A new avenue in the hunt for dark energy 2020
99 THEIA Themistius, Heavens and Elements. Interpretations of Aristotle’s Cosmology Across the Ages 2020