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H2020 projects about "cuticle"

The page lists 7 projects related to the topic "cuticle".

# achronym  title  year 
1 PlaMatSu Plant-inspired materials and surfaces 2016
2 HELICOID Bio-inspired helicoidal multilayers for photonic innovation 2017
3 The insect cochlea The Insect cochlea: a non-invasive path towards enhanced sound detectors 2018
4 KinoRoot Digging out Kinorhynch Roots 2019
5 SYMBeetle Symbiont-assisted cuticle biosynthesis as a key innovation contributing to the evolutionary success of beetles 2019
6 miRhythm Understanding mechanisms and functions of miRNA oscillations during development 2020
7 SCHENGEN-ROOT 'Filling the gaps' in the Schengen pathway for plant root Casparian strip integrity 2020