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H2020 projects about "dedicate"

The page lists 17 projects related to the topic "dedicate".

# achronym  title  year 
1 TRANSIT The daily governance of transit migration in Turkey at European Union borders: The two-way influence of Turkish-European Union border and migration management practices 2015
2 2DNano Beyond Graphene: Fundamental properties of 2D materials at the atomic scale 2015
3 JFB Jellyfish Barge - A floating greenhouse 2015
5 KISS ME Key Inorganics for Spintronics and MagnetoElectrics 2017
6 I3CP Industrial and Infrastructure Investor Confidence Project 2017
7 Eco-sleeve Eco-sleeve is a propellant-free technology for Aerosols, generating high pressure to provide the familiar consumer experience of continuous dispensing. 2017
8 FogGuru FogGuru: Training the Next Generation of European Fog Computing Experts 2017
9 FlexOne FlexOne - Unbreakable cables 2018
10 HealthyLivestock Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance through improved livestock Health and Welfare 2018
11 FLEMANIE Flexible Microchip Manufacturing for New Industries in Europe 2018
12 ScienceRouter ScienceRouter: AI-powered knowledge matchmaking to boost the innovation landscape 2018
13 FISRAD Organizing FISA and EuradWaste Conference under the Romanian Presidency of EU Council 2018
14 OLEDSOLAR Innovative manufacturing processes and in-line monitoring techniques for the OLED and thin film and organic photovoltaic industries (CIGS and OPV) 2018
15 BrainMatter Enterprise Grade Lean AI platform 2019
16 ONEIO The Intelligent Service Network Operator 2019
17 TRINITI Multi-Material Thermoplastic high pressure Nitrogen Tanks for Aircraft 2019