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H2020 projects about "dwarf"

The page lists 23 projects related to the topic "dwarf".

# achronym  title  year 
1 imbh Do intermediate-mass black holes exist? 2015
2 NEWPHYS-MOLECULES Probing Physics beyond the Standard Model from Molecules 2015
3 SBNAF Small Bodies: Near and Far 2016
4 SEO-DWARF Semantic EO Data Web Alert and Retrieval Framework 2016
5 WD3D Evolution of white dwarfs with 3D model atmospheres 2016
6 eGALISM Characterizing properties of the interstellar medium to better understand how stars form in galaxies 2017
7 INTERCLOUDS Using the Magellanic Clouds to Understand the Interaction of Galaxies 2016
8 Outgroup Consequences of out-group conflict 2016
10 GALFOR The formation of the Galaxy: constraints from globular clusters 2017
11 BACCO Burning on Accreting Compact Objects 2017
12 Gal-HD Our Galaxy at full HD 2018
13 SUPERSTARS Type Ia supernovae: from explosions to cosmology 2018
14 SUPERS Unmasking the Progenitors and Energy Sources of Superluminous Supernovae 2018
15 DancingGalaxies Dancing with giants: dynamics of dwarf satellite galaxies 2019
16 DMIDAS Astrophysical constraints on the identity of the dark matter 2018
17 FirstGalaxies Finding the most distant galaxies with NIRSpec guaranteed time on the James Webb Space Telescope 2020
18 Global-assembly Building up the Milky Way Halo in the era of multiple stellar populations 2018
19 NEFERTITI NEar FiEld cosmology: Re-Tracing Invisible TImes 2019
20 IceAGenT Ice Age Genomic Tracking of Refugia and Postglacial Dispersal 2019
21 SOS-CROPS Solving the tangled ontogenesis of the stem for sustainable crops 2019
22 SPIAKID SpectroPhotometric Imaging in Astronomy with Kinetic Inductance Detectors 2020
23 VIA LACTEA Numerical Simulations of the Milky Way's Accretion History 2020