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H2020 projects about "glassy"

The page lists 17 projects related to the topic "glassy".

# achronym  title  year 
1 AQuS Analog quantum simulators for many-body dynamics 2015
2 DiStruc Directed Colloidal Structure at the Meso-Scale 2015
3 EXPMFSG Search for an experimental test of the mean-field theory of simple glasses 2015
4 AMORPHORM New stability testing method to predict the performance of amorphous formulations 2016
5 MALIG A mathematical approach to the liquid-glass transition: kinetically constrained models, cellular automata and mixed order phase transitions 2016
6 UTOPES Unifying concepts in the topological design of non-crystalline materials 2016
7 ExtendGlass Extending the range of the glassy state: Exploring structure and property limits in metallic glasses 2016
8 SoftRyd Soft-matter collective phenomena in Rydberg gases 2016
9 SMILE Statistical Mechanics of Learning 2017
10 LoTGlasSy Low Temperature Glassy Systems 2016
11 MEMS 4.0 Additive Micro-Manufacturing for Plastic Micro-flectro-Mechanical-Systems 2017
12 CLOUD-MOTION CLOUD-MObility, Training and InnOvation Network 2017
13 TACOMA Towards Application specific tailoring of CarbOn nanoMAterials 2019
14 ICARUS Information Content of locAlisation: fRom classical to qUantum Systems 2020
15 NEQuM Non-Ergodic Quantum Matter: Universality, Dynamics and Control 2020
16 ConsQuanDyn Constrained Quantum Dynamics 2020
17 RMAG Rheology and Mechanics of Active Glasses 2021