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H2020 projects about "indexes"

The page lists 22 projects related to the topic "indexes".

# achronym  title  year 
2 CLEANLIB Cleansing the Library: the Expurgatory Censorship of Books in Europe (Science and Humanities, 16th-18th cent.) 2016
3 HOLES Highly Ordered Light-manipulators by Self-assembly 2015
4 MarkEfficiency Digestive and nutritional indicators of feed efficiency in cattle fed forage-based diets 2015
5 Eco-PhyloGeo Linking phylogeography to ecology: extracting rules for butterfly biodiversity at large spatial scale 2015
6 ETA4B Energy Trusted Advisor for Buildings 2015
7 EINSTAIN Engine INSTallation And INtegration 2016
8 STRESS Human Performance neurometricS Toolbox foR highly automatEd Systems deSign 2016
9 PJ09 DCB Advanced DCB 2016
10 MoveCare Multiple-actOrs Virtual Empathic CARgiver for the Elder 2017
11 PADUA Perception–action based design for urban accessibility: principles for inclusive design grounded in an understanding of first-person control of locomotion in the urban setting 2016
12 RESPINE REgenerative therapy of intervertebral disc: a double blind phase 2b trial of intradiscal injection of mesenchymal stromal cells in degenerative disc disease of the lomber SPINE unresponsive to conventional therapy 2017
13 HiPArtDoc Between Evidence and Representation: History of Performance Art Documentation from 1970 to 1977 2017
14 NESTOR Next gEneration Sequence sTORage 2017
15 CoupledDB High-Performance Indexing for Emerging GPU-Coupled Databases 2017
16 MeeLiH Measure of the Ecological influence in Epigenetic-mediated Learning and memory formation in the Honeybee 2018
17 K-Smart Environment Kunak Sensing Anywhere, an ultra-energy-efficient wireless critical system for smart environmental monitoring 2018
18 i-GRAPE Integrated, Low-Cost and Stand-Alone Micro-Optical System for Grape Maturation and Vine Hydric Stress Monitoring 2018
19 BEACON Boosting Agricultural Insurance based on Earth Observation data 2019
20 Ceres Proactive system to forecast and reduce environmental footprint while maximising agriculture performance 2018
21 EDJ An Etymological Dictionary of the Japonic Languages 2019
22 FORPRAL Forbidden Prayers Library. Shaping Private Piety in Counter-Reformation Europe (16th-18th) 2020