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H2020 projects about "infeasible"

The page lists 25 projects related to the topic "infeasible".

# achronym  title  year 
1 HimL Health in my Language 2015
2 THOR THOR – Technical and Human Infrastructure for Open Research 2015
3 QuantMR7 Quantitative MRI of the brain using magnetic resonance fingerprinting 2016
4 ACCORD Algorithms for Complex Collective Decisions on Structured Domains 2015
5 PLASMA Running away and radiating 2015
6 ReconCell A Reconfigurable robot workCell for fast set-up of automated assembly processes in SMEs 2015
7 SmartPosition Smartphone-based Mobile Positioning System 2016
8 TUNE Testing the Untestable: Model Testing of Complex Software-Intensive Systems 2016
9 5G MiEdge 5G MiEdge: Millimeter-wave Edge cloud as an enabler for 5G ecosystem 2016
10 ENVISAGE ENhance VIrtual learning Spaces using Applied Gaming in Education 2016
11 Mathador Type and Proof Structures for Concurrent Software Verification 2017
12 ACCENT Algebraic Covering Codes Enabling Network Transmissions 2018
13 SMARTSOUND Pre-Commercialisation of Sound Recognition for Surveillance Applications 2017
14 Browsec Foundations and Tools for Client-Side Web Security 2018
15 SiDMACIB Structurally informed Design of Masonry Assemblages Composed of Interlocking Blocks 2018
16 IDPOQ Evaluation and implementation of post-quantum cryptographic schemes 2018
17 COCAN Complexity and Condition in Algebra and Numerics 2019
18 SPECGEO Spectral geometric methods in practice 2018
19 UncertainENV The Power of Randomization in Uncertain Environments 2019
20 MIAMI Machine Learning-based Market Design 2018
21 Multi RoboDOP Multi-camera autonomous robotic cameramen at the fingertips of all live video productions 2018
22 RECENT Ultra-Dense Unsupervised Heterogeneous Wireless Cloud Coded Networks for 5G/B5G 2018
23 PCPABF Challenging Computational Infeasibility: PCP and Boolean functions 2019
24 SAFEBIO Safe and Complete Algorithms for Bioinformatics 2020
25 LeDNA Global measure of biodiversity by understanding biogeochemical cycling of environmental DNA in lakes 2020