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H2020 projects about "issuing"

The page lists 12 projects related to the topic "issuing".

# achronym  title  year 
1 LabelPack Aplus Promotion and support to the implementation of the energy labelling for Space, Combi Heaters and Water Heaters with a focus on the “Package label” 2015
2 POLARIS Preventative OperationaL procedures for space weAtheR threats to CrItical InfraStructure 2014
3 EFD The e-wallet Fraud Detection 2015
4 INFL New perspectives on inflation 2016
5 TRUESSEC.EU TRUst-Enhancing certified Solutions for SEcurity and protection of Citizens’ rights in digital Europe 2017
6 EURECA Enhanced Human Robot cooperation in Cabin Assembly tasks 2017
7 EeMAP Energy efficient Mortgages Action Plan 2017
8 Solar Bank Virtual Energy Trading IT System to couple photovoltaic production and electric vehicles charging. 2018
9 SENS4ICE SENSors and certifiable hybrid architectures FOR safer aviation in ICing Environment 2019
10 RACOM Rome and the Coinages of the Mediterranean: 200 BCE to 64 CE 2019
11 REGATRACE REnewable GAs TRAde Centre in Europe 2019
12 Quad2BIM A cooperative approach which brings completeness and inclusiveness to the scan-to-BIM modeling process within the historical buildings life cycle. 2020