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1 SAPHIR Strengthening Animal Production and Health through the Immune Response 2015
2 Volcanoes Night III Volcanoes' Night III. - Researchers' Night of the Canary Islands 2014
3 MedBioinformatics Creating medically-driven integrative bioinformatics applications focused on oncology, CNS disorders and their comorbidities (MedBioinformatics) 2015
4 DiViNe Sustainable downstream processing of vaccines through incorporation of nanobiotechnologies : novel affinity ligands and biomimetic membranes 2015
5 SENIORS Safety-ENhancing Innovations for Older Road userS 2015
7 PRIMCHEM Primitive chemistry in planetary atmospheres: From the upper atmosphere down to the surface 2015
8 Co-FACTOR Cooperate, Communicate and Connect to boost smart Components for tomorrows Industry 2015
9 WAPITI Water-mass transformation and Pathways In The Weddell Sea: uncovering the dynamics of a global climate chokepoint from In-situ measurements 2015
10 DNAendProtection DNA end protection in Immunity and Cancer 2015
11 NSECPROBE Probing quantum fluctuations of single electronic channels in model interacting systems 2015
12 PRCTOERC Novel Regulatory Principles of Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 2015
13 CRASK Cortical Representation of Abstract Semantic Knowledge 2015
14 CPVMatch Concentrating Photovoltaic modules using advanced technologies and cells for highest efficiencies 2015
15 Nano-Tandem Nanowire based Tandem Solar Cells 2015
16 IMPRESS Improved production strategies for endangered freshwater species. 2015
17 NanoHeal Nano-tailoring organo-mineral materials -Controlling strength and healing with organic molecules in mineral interfaces 2015
18 ABWET Advanced Biological Waste-to-Energy Technologies 2015
19 HEARTEN A co-operative mHEALTH environment targeting adherence and management of patients suffering from Heart Failure 2015
20 openMedicine openMedicine 2015
21 RePhrase REfactoring Parallel Heterogeneous Resource-Aware Applications - a Software Engineering Approach 2015
22 AutoPost Deformable Surface Tracking and Alpha Matting for the Automation of Post-production Workflows 2015
23 SmarterEMC2 Smarter Grid: Empowering SG Market Actors through Information and Communication Technologies 2015
24 ENERGISE ICT-based ENERgy Grid Implementation – Smart and Efficient 2015
25 SYMBIOSYS Symbolic Analysis of Temporal and Functional Behavior of Networked Systems 2015
26 CWASI Coping with water scarcity in a globalized world 2015
28 EuroMED-IMWC EuroMED Cooperation. Inland and Marine Water Challenges 2014
29 EUENGAGE Bridging the gap between public opinion and European leadership: Engaging a dialogue on the future path of Europe. 2015
30 TherVIS A Thermal-Visual Integrated System Mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for 3D energy performance mapping and forecasting and damage evaluation 2014
31 FINESSE Feasibility of an INnovative, Efficient, Solid State Energy saving system 2014
32 Global PERES Bringing a breakthrough e-nose solution on global markets for portable and reliable food safety and quality control 2014
33 POLARIS Preventative OperationaL procedures for space weAtheR threats to CrItical InfraStructure 2014
34 RetinArt Clinical biomarker for arterial hypertension based on micro-vascular retinal imaging 2014
35 EMEHOC Enriched Minimal Expressivism and Higher-Order Concepts 2015
36 IECEU Improving the Effectiveness of the Capabilities (IEC) in EU conflict prevention 2015
37 RESOLVE Range of Electric SOlutions for L-category VEhicles 2015
38 VisiOn Visual Privacy Management in User Centric Open Environments 2015
39 EUDAT2020 EUDAT2020 2015
40 FLUNOVELTY Development of novel fluorinated reagents for preparation of drugs. 2015
41 GROUPCOG From individual cognition to collective intelligence 2016
42 FACADE FIRE Numerical characterisation of fire growth in external facades and other vertical spaces 2016
43 MUSAL Multi-scale modelling of waves of porous media with applications to acoustic control and biomechanics 2015
45 MuMoSiSt Multidisciplinary approach to multilayer monumental sites studies: the case of the Quirinal Hill in Rome 2015
46 LOVe Linking Objects to Vectors in distributional semantics: A framework to anchor corpus-based meaning representations to the external world 2015
47 HQSTS High-Quality voice model for STatistical parametric speech Synthesis 2015
48 LIB-Si anode Silicon/Carbon Nano-Hybrid Lithium-Ion Battery Anode: Green Facile Scalable Synthesis Inspired by Thermosetting Polymers 2015
49 3F-FutureFreshFruit Elucidating the molecular basis of fruit resistance to desiccation: The cuticle as a key factor 2015
50 SolHyPro Water splitting by solar energy: From lab-scale to prototype devices 2015
51 ION-QNET Cavity-QED Ion Quantum Network 2015
52 EBUCAI European Banking Union and Current Account Imbalances 2016
53 PEACEFUL MIND Effectiveness evaluation of traditional and third wave Emotion Regulation strategies in clinical and non-clinical youth population 2016
54 IPBMNES Integrated Pedestrian Behavior Modeling under Normal and Evacuation Situations 2017
55 ClOThIlde The Cluster Observations and Theory Intersection: Providing selection functions and scaling relations to set constraints on the physics of the accelerating universe. 2016
56 NeuArc2Fun Biological neural networks: from structure to function 2016
57 BICSA Biophysical Changes in the Sahel: Ground and Satellite Based Evidence Across Scales and Disciplines 2015
58 CHOCOLATE CHanges Of CO2 Levels during pAst and fuTure intErglacials 2015
59 FE-RUS-Blast Finite Element Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy to Characterize Maturation of Cortical Bone Elastic Properties 2015
60 REE Value Chain Rare Earth Supply Chain and Industrial Ecosystem: A Material Flow Assessment of European Union 2015
61 MIGMED Migration in the early modern world: the Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land as afacilitator of the circulation of people in the Mediterranean 2016
62 Neurostella Evolutionary and developmental origin of the nervous system 2016
63 MTT How does future thinking work? Uncovering its evolutionary and developmental origins 2015
64 MED-FARWEST Urban Centres and Landscapes in Transition. The Mediterranean FarWest in Late Antiquity 2015
65 OSCAR Operando study of the catalytic activity of gold nanoparticles by Surface Differential Reflectivity Spectroscopy (SDRS): from plasmonic response to morphology 2016
66 HARPOCRATES Smart phononic crystals for aircraft noise reduction 2015
67 FertilityPolicies Fertility, Public Policies, and Women in Turkey in Comparative Perspective 2016
68 BIDAMARK BIg DAta-driven MARKeting for better competitiveness 2015
69 GROUPIND Collective personalities: from individuals to groups, and back 2015
70 ReconsolidationDynamics A Cross-Species Investigation of Memory Replay During Reconsolidation 2015
71 DINO_DON Does vegetation derived organic nitrogen fuel algal blooms in coastal waters of the Baltic Sea? 2016
72 FISHNAV Following a path of breadcrumbs: How fish recognize landmarks during navigation 2015
73 GRAPHENERGY3 Novel Electrochemical Exfoliation Approach to the Synthesis of Large Area, Defect-Free and Single Layer Graphene and Its Application in Fuel Cells 2015
74 eADAM Ultra-small electrochemical aptasensors for specific dopamine real-time monitoring 2016
75 MEDINI Mechanism Design under Incomplete Information 2015
76 SMARTER A Scalable and Elastic Platform for Near-Realtime Analytics for The Graph of Everything 2016
77 RE-DEV Assessing the transition to renewable energy in Rapidly Developing Countries 2015
80 OLDIAS Online Dialysis Sensor 2015
81 GRAPHEEN Green and Straightforward process for the synthesis of Graphene based-nanomaterials for energy applications 2015
82 NASTEX Study feasibility and best route to market for telecare solution in Germany and Japan 2015
83 EMBRYON EMBRYON - Develop and commercialize a highly innovative diagnostic-imaging product, improving success rates in the Assisted Reproduction IVF sector 2015
84 MIMO A commercial device for mercury isotope monitoring (MIMO) 2015
85 MicroLAB MicroLAB lab-on-a-cartridge, a disruptive concept. Towards an innovative solution for food safety 2015
86 Watergate Watergate: Development of a low-cost solar desalination technology 2015
87 PreNANOCOAT Metal powder coating system with nano-technology pre-treatment. 2015
88 GReen Desalination GReen Desalination: A closed-loop technology for full recovery of water and raw materials from the wastewater effluent 2015
89 VALIDIAG Validation Manager - A disruptive turnkey solution for diagnostic test validations 2015
90 PROEIPAHA PROEIPAHA: Coordination, Support and Promotion activities in favour of EIPAHA 2015
91 DecentLivingEnergy Energy and emissions thresholds for providing decent living standards to all 2015
92 VIBCONTROL Vibronic control of organic electronic devices 2015
94 NANORESTART NANOmaterials for the REStoration of works of ART 2015
95 A-DIET Metabolomics based biomarkers of dietary intake- new tools for nutrition research 2015
96 SVNanoVax Structural Vaccinology in the design of bionanoparticles with multi-copy antigen display for vaccines with enhanced efficacy 2015
97 LineVu A novel optical sensor platform for detection and measurement of contaminants in gas pipelines to protect critical infrastructure from disruption and damage - Linevu 2015
98 DAHDAC DAHDAC project: Disruptive Approach to Highly Distributed Application Creation 2015
99 Project Buffer Project Buffer ― a new solution to fast charging electrical vehicles “on the road”. 2015
100 PROVIDE PROVIding smart DElivery of public goods by EU agriculture and forestry 2015
101 BIOCAPAN BIOactive implantable CApsule for PANcreatic islets immunosuppression free therapy 2015
102 GATIPOR Guaranteed fully adaptive algorithms with tailored inexact solvers for complex porous media flows 2015
103 E-SPACE European Standardised Process Approach to Cognitive Evaluation in older people 2016
104 BCorp Between Social Values and Profitable Performance: The Case of B-Corporations 2016
105 REVEN-X1 REVEN-X1: Automatic Vulnerability Detection in Binary 2015
106 CREEV Novel Compound Rotary Engine Range Extender for Electric Vehicles 2015
107 Opti-LPS Optimal Lightning Protection System 2015
108 ANDROTEST Point of care test for non invasive differential diagnosis of obstrutive and non-obstructive azoospermia in male fertility 2015
109 DERMAE Clinical research for the validation of a non-invasive medical imaging device for dermatological diagnoses 2015
110 RENOIR RENal prOgenItoRs as tools to understand kidney pathophysiology and treat kidney disorders 2015
111 DEMOS DEMOnStrators of micro waves efficiency for agrifood industry 2015
112 ReactiveFronts Mixing interfaces as reactive hotspots of porous media flows: theoretical upscaling, experimental imaging and field scale validation 2015
113 MAFRI Molecular Ancient Fish Remains Identification 2016
114 HADE Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations: New Challenges 2015
115 INDIMACRO Individual decisions and macroeconomic robustness 2015
116 BIONICO BIOgas membrane reformer for deceNtralIzed hydrogen produCtiOn 2015
117 COMNACTSS Controlling micro- and nano-channel transport with selective solvation 2015
118 OxygenSensing Molecular mechanisms of acute oxygen sensing. 2015
119 EVOLPROOF Are HPV vaccines ‘evolution-proof’? Multilevel evolutionary ecology of human oncoviruses 2015
120 ESiWACE Excellence in SImulation of Weather and Climate in Europe 2015
121 Privacy.Us Privacy and Usability 2015
122 FlexHyJoin Flexible production cell for Hybrid Joining 2015
123 EUROPINIONS Causes and consequences of change in public opinion about Europe 2015
124 DEPICODE Decoding the epigenetic signature of memory function in health and disease 2015
125 HYDRALAB-PLUS HYDRALAB+ Adapting to climate change 2015
126 PANDORA Probing safety of nano-objects by defining immune responses of environmental organisms 2016
127 AluSalt Efficient Aluminium Salt cake Recycling Technology 2015
129 VIPER VIbro-acoustics of PERiodic media 2016
130 DISABILITY Rethinking Disability: the Global Impact of the International Year of Disabled Persons (1981) in Historical Perspective 2015
131 MYOP-PATH Towards solving myopia: from genes to pathways using an integrated approach 2015
132 MYCOCHASSIS Engineering of a minimal bacterial therapeutic chassis 2015
133 ELFBAD L-form bacteria, biotechnology and disease 2015
134 EENINNOAUSTRIA Establishing Services Enhancing the Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs in the Enterprise Europe Network 2015
135 ExpoSEED Exploring the molecular control of seed yield in crops 2016
136 FACCESS Enabling the large-scale deployment of Facial Recognition in banking security 2015
137 PLANTIBIOTICS Functional ingredient from fermented vegetable waste streams to diminish the use of antibiotics in pig husbandry 2015
138 IMPACT Integrated Mobile Platform for Activity Commoditisation in the Travel market (IMPACT) 2015
139 HEAT-R Modular thermoelectric system for industrial waste HEAT Recovery (HEAT-R) 2015
140 WIDENLIFE Widening the Scientific Excellence for Studies on Women’s and Fetal Health and Wellbeing 2016
141 MAGNEURON Hijacking cell signalling pathways with magnetic nanoactuators for remote-controlled stemcell therapies of neurodegenerative disorders 2016
142 NANOGRANITES Nanogranite Inclusions: New Window into the Partial Melting of the Deep Earth´s Crust 2016
143 WORKSHOP4.0 Automated real-time production forecasting for industry 2016
144 CAT-CAM The Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR): an Historical Analysis Between US and Europe 2016
145 PELLETON PELLETON – a device for production of pellets from biomass and agricultural waste for energy purposes 2015
146 p-DRIVE Pyrolysis of Derived Residues of waste, providing Improved gas for Vehicle Engines 2015
147 REDISH CROR Engine Debris Impact SHielding. Design, manufacturing, simulation and Impact test preparation 2016
148 AlmaCrypt Algorithmic and Mathematical Cryptology 2016
149 SMARTDIAGNOS Next generation sepsis diagnosis 2016
150 DISRUPT Development of an innovative and safe ultralight two-seater turbine helicopter 2016
151 OCProDx Strategic planning for commercialisation of a multiplexed protein diagnostic (Dx) blood test for Organ-Confined Prostate cancer: OCProDx 2016
152 STAQAMOF Statistical modelling across price and time scales: a quantitative approach to modern financial regulation 2016
153 PHOBIC2ICE Super-IcePhobic Surfaces to Prevent Ice Formation on Aircraft 2016
154 SOLED Chiral based spin organic light emitting diodes 2016
155 METAWARE Behavioral and neural determinants of metacognition and self-awareness in human adults and infants 2016
156 HYPMED Digital Hybrid Breast PET/MRI for Enhanced Diagnosis of Breast Cancer 2016
157 Click-It “In Vivo Click PET Imaging Agents”: Improving clinical companion diagnostics 2016
158 ALLEGRO unrAvelLing sLow modE travelinG and tRaffic: with innOvative data to a new transportation and traffic theory for pedestrians and bicycles 2015
159 CONQUEST Companion Nanodiagnostics for Quantifying EPR and Stratifying Patients to Targeted Nanotherapies 2016
160 SafeLog Safe human-robot interaction in logistic applications for highly flexible warehouses 2016
161 SavingFood An innovative solution to tackle food waste through the collaborative power of ICT networks 2016
162 ROBUST Robotic subsea exploration technologies 2015
163 ReTuBi Towards outstanding research and training in tumour biology at IMM 2016
164 OncoMasTR OncoMasTR - Novel Prognostic Assay for Early Stage Breast Cancer 2016
165 SCHISTO_PERSIST New approaches to characterise Schistosoma mansoni infections persisting despite mass drug administration 2016
166 SONNETS SOcietal Needs aNalysis and Emerging Technologies in the public Sector 2016
167 TOURISM ID Design Innovation Support Scheme for Tourism Industry 2016
168 SDDM-TEA Static and Dynamic Decision Making under Uncertainty: Theory and Applications 2016
169 TomGEM A holistic multi-actor approach towards the design of new tomato varieties and management practices to improve yield and quality in the face of climate change 2016
170 NitroPortugal Strengthening Portuguese research and innovation capacities in the field of excess reactive nitrogen 2016
171 ERESCUE e-Rescue System: the next level in Post-Accident-Safety. Saving time and lives during the Golden Hour 2016
172 HG Real-time molecular diagnostic testing for human infectious diseases using LAMP (Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification) technology. 2016
173 FEMSAG Feminist theory after sex and gender: The nature-nurture complex in contemporary feminism reconsidered in light of the Developmental Systems Theory approach to the philosophy of biology 2017
174 IMMIGRANTS The Effects of Media News about Immigrants on Majority’s Attitudes and Behaviors towards Immigrants 2017
175 MolMap From Tissues to Single Molecules: High Content in Situ Super-Resolution imaging with DNA-PAINT 2016
176 ANGI Adaptive significance of Non Genetic Inheritance 2016
177 CATA-LUX Light-Driven Asymmetric Organocatalysis 2016
178 PARTIAL-PGMs Development of novel, high Performance hybrid TWV/GPF Automotive afteR treatment systems by raTIonAL design: substitution of PGMs and Rare earth materials 2016
179 MALORCA Machine Learning of Speech Recognition Models for Controller Assistance 2016
181 SAPIENT Satcom and terrestrial architectures improving performance, security and safety in ATM 2016
182 SCD Sexual Citizenship and Disability - Implications for Theory, Practice and Policy 2017
183 NIOBE Non-Leptonic Three-Body B Decays: Theory and Phenomenology 2017
184 Supra-CNT Supramolecular assembly of Janus Carbon Nanotubes into functional 3D microparticles 2016
185 HURIME Human Rights in the Post-Uprisings Middle East: Emerging Discourses and Practices in Egypt and Tunisia 2017
187 FOIPO Functional optical probes for otology 2017
188 SILYCAT Asymmetric Catalysis with Chiral Silylium Cations 2017
189 MolecularEVOLUTION Molecular Evolution of the Primary Structure of Single Chain Polymer Nanoparticles via Dynamic Covalent Chemistry 2016
190 EQUIANFUN Equidae Hindgut Anaerobic Fungi: A key unexplored taxa of central importance to dietary fibre degradation 2016
191 PERSIST Systematic identification of (p)ppGpp-dependent multidrug and stress tolerance factors 2016
192 Gut-InflammAge Age-associated signatures in the composition and pro-inflammatory status of the gut microbiome in humans and mice, and the impact of a periodic fasting intervention to promote healthy aging 2016
193 NIR-BIO-FLU Bio-conjugatable and Bio-responsive Near Infrared Fluorochromes 2016
194 NomadicN Niche construction on the move: how nomadic pastoralists navigate across fast-changing social-ecological systems 2016
195 RESOLVE antibiotic RESistance and mObile genetic eLements dissemination in enVironmEntal conditions 2016
196 WORKRETHINK Rethinking Work: Intellectual Responses to the 2008 Financial Crisis in French Film and Media 2016
197 DIFIE Direct and Indirect mechanisms of Fisheries-Induced Evolution 2017
198 ElectroMAD The Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation: a sensitive and objective approach to identify early cognitive markers of AD 2016
199 OneClickLCA One Click LCA – transforming the construction industry through automated, affordable and scalable solution for assessing and improving the environmental impacts of construction projects and products 2016
200 INSPUR In-Situ Polyurethane Resins 2016
202 B-Ecolyol Improving the productivity of Biodiesel plants through their adaptation for the production of polyols 2016
203 IL-E-CAT Enhancing electrocatalysis in low temperature fuel cells by ionic liquid modification 2016
204 EvoStruc The physics of antibiotic resistance evolution in spatially-structured multicellular assemblies 2016
205 SKYOPENER SKYOPENER - establishing new foundations for the use of Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Systems for civilian applications. 2016
206 High-Spin-Grav Higher Spin Gravity and Generalized Spacetime Geometry 2016
207 DYNAMOX Charge carrier dynamics in metal oxides 2016
208 COCTA Coordinated capacity ordering and trajectory pricing for better-performing ATM 2016
209 ESPREssO Enhancing Synergies for disaster PRevention in the EurOpean Union 2016
210 CLISEL Climate Security with Local Authorities (CLISEL) From insecurity takers to security makers: mobilizing local authorities to secure the EU against the impacts of climate change in Third Countries 2016
211 TAKEDOWN Understand the Dimensions of Organised Crime and Terrorist Networks for Developing Effective and Efficient Security Solutions for First-line-practitioners and Professionals 2016
212 PMTFOS Plant metallothioneins as potential players in food security 2017
213 SHADOWBANKING Monetary Policy and Shadow banking: global micro-evidence from ABCPs 2016
214 DECODE Allele-specific Deconvolution of Tumour DNA Methylation and Expression Data toReveal Underlying Cell Populations 2016
215 SALTGAE Demonstration project to prove the techno-economic feasibility of using algae to treat saline wastewater from the food industry. 2016
216 FLOWERED de-FLuoridation technologies for imprOving quality of WatEr and agRo-animal products along the East African Rift Valley in the context of aDaptation to climate change. 2016
217 SOGICA Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Claims of Asylum: A European human rights challenge 2016
218 WHIPLASH WHat next? an Integrated PLanetary Atmosphere Simulator: from Habitable worlds to Hot jupiters 2016
219 RomaInterbellum Roma Civic Emancipation Between The Two World Wars 2016
220 ByoPiC The Baryon Picture of the Cosmos 2017
221 QUENCH Star formation quenching and feedback in galaxies throughout the cosmic epochs 2016
222 MinimalSelf Embodiment, Intersubjectivity, and the Minimal Self 2016
223 FIMAF Isotopic evidence for the impacts of fishing on marine foodweb structure 2016
224 EVNSMAS An evolutionary approach to automated norm synthesis for multi agent systems 2016
225 MESO_BRAIN Custom architecturally defined 3D stem cell derived functional human neural networks for transformative progress in neuroscience and medicine 2016
226 TIDE Travel, Transculturality and Identity in England, c.1550 – 1700 2016
227 SOS Jelly An advanced biological remedy against jellyfish stings 2016
228 SpaceInvader SpaceInvader – Gain value from empty and unused cargo space 2016
229 OWISE4EU OWise for Europe - A feasibility study of a pan-European mobile app providing people with cancer with useful tools and treatment information in one easily accessible place. 2016
230 EEN Armenia H2020 EEN Armenia H2020: EEN Armenia assists SMEs involved in Horizon 2020 2016
231 SAP-Nano A disruptive technology for vaccines manufacturing based on Self-Assembled Polymeric Nanoparticulate systems 2016
232 TRANSAFELOAD TRANSAFELOAD: Testing the real behaviour of packaged loads during transport 2016
233 STATLEARN The reading brain as a statistical learning machine 2016
234 EMoBookTrade The Early Modern Book Trade: An Evidence-based Reconstruction of the Economic and Juridical Framework of the European Book Market 2016
235 Tropical lichens Symbionts and changing environment: Lichen diversity and photobiont associations in tropical mountain ecosystems 2016
236 RiCaMo Innovative oxygen-free wine bottling process 2016
237 CoolFarm CoolFarm – The intelligent and flexible system that provides to plants what they need, when they need it! 2016
238 CLASS Cross-Linguistic Acquisition of Sentence Structure: Integrating Experimental and Computational Approaches 2016
239 MAPLE Measuring and Analysing the Politicisation of Europe before and after the Eurozone Crisis 2016
240 ImpAncCit The Impact of the Ancient City 2016
241 CHANGE New CHallenges for (adaptive) PDE solvers: the interplay of ANalysis and GEometry 2016
242 PETRIFYING WEALTH Petrifying Wealth. The Southern European Shift to Masonry as Collective Investment in Identity, c.1050-1300 2017
244 SOMA The Smart Way to Beat Stress at Work 2016
245 FC21S Cost-effective aluminium die casting for automotive industry 2016
246 CREEV Novel Compound Rotary Engine Range Extender for Electric Vehicles 2016
247 Digiteal Digiteal: European Payment and e-Invoicing platform 2016
248 RemoTech Remote technical assistance for field service operators 2016
249 Syndivia Next generation drug conjugates for cancer treatment 2016
250 BETASCREEN A Unique Pancreatic Human Beta Cells to revolutionize the Diabetes Drug Discovery 2016
251 SMARTCARS Low cots Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): A cost affordable solution for improved road safety 2016
252 BactInd Bacterial cooperation at the individual cell level 2016
253 DALI Disagreements and Language Interpretation 2016
254 Operation Condor Operation Condor: Accountability for Transnational Crimes in Uruguay 2016
255 ProCovar Exploring new applications of amino acid covariation analysis in modelling proteins and their complexes 2016
256 Protoeukaryotes Multicompartmental Designs For Protocells 2016
257 Neuroimaging power Effect size and power for neuroimaging. 2016
258 SOLAR-TRAIN Photovoltaic module life time forecast and evaluation 2016
259 SmartAnswer Smart mitigation of flow-induced acoustic radiation and transmission for reduced aircraft, surface transport, workplaces and wind energy noise 2017
260 SPOTVIEW Sustainable Processes and Optimized Technologies for Industrially Efficient Water Usage 2016
261 5G MiEdge 5G MiEdge: Millimeter-wave Edge cloud as an enabler for 5G ecosystem 2016
262 ALLIANCE AffordabLe LIghtweight Automobiles AlliaNCE 2016
263 FBI Multimodal, Functional Bio-Photonic Imaging 2016
264 FRESH FRESH - Fully bio based and bio degradable ready meal packaging 2017
265 RADSAGA RADiation and reliability challenges for electronics used in Space, Avionics, on the Ground and at Accelerators 2017
266 IMPACT-1 Indicator Monitoring for a new railway PAradigm in seamlessly integrated Cross modal Transport chains – Phase 1 2016
267 FFL4E Future Freight Loco for Europe 2016
268 Ascent AM Adding Simulation to the Corporate ENvironmenT for Additive Manufacturing 2016
269 OBSTETRICVIOLENCE Obstetric violence.The new goal for research, policies and human rights on childbirth 2016
270 INNOVATION Multi-wavelength regeneration technologies for advanced modulation optical signals 2016
271 WATER DROP Droughts and Water Scarcity in the EU: Economic Impact, Adaptation, Policy Implications and Integrated Assessment Modelling 2016
272 MMPCURSRT A multi-method perspective on children's use of rehearsal in serial recall tasks 2016
273 RePower RePower: Maintenance-free and cost-efficient fuel for wireless sensors to energy- and resource-saving solutions 2016
274 NEXT-CSP High Temparature concentrated solar thermal power plan with particle receiver and direct thermal storage 2016
275 CERERE CEreal REnaissance in Rural Europe: embedding diversity in organic and low-input food systems 2016
276 SABANA Sustainable Algae Biorefinery for Agriculture aNd Aquaculture 2016
277 EMEurope ERA-NET Cofund Electric Mobility Europe 2016
278 TimePROSAMAT Time-Programmed Self-Assemblies and Dynamic Materials 2016
279 PEER FOR EXCELLENCE Peer learning on ways to enhance good practices in SME innovation support using the Seal ofExcellence 2016
280 MiMo Inference in Microeconometric Models 2017
281 ShipTest Fully automated laser guided inspection robot for weld defect detection on ship hulls 2016
282 CResPace Adaptive Bio-electronics for Chronic Cardiorespiratory Disease 2017
283 CROSSMINER Developer-Centric Knowledge Mining from Large Open-Source Software Repositories 2017
284 SLIM Sustainable Low Impact Mining solution for exploitation of small mineral deposits based on advanced rock blasting and environmental technologies 2016
285 TRANSNATIONALaw Transnationalism and Unofficial Law: The Case of Kurds in Turkey and Germany 2017
286 PJ15 COSER Common Services 2016
287 Dreams4Cars Dream-like simulation abilities for automated cars 2017
288 PJ10 PROSA Controller Tools and Team Organisation for the Provision of Separation in Air Traffic Management 2016
289 PJ18 4DTM 4D Trajectory Management 2016
290 KRG-250 A fuel saving, emission reducing and cost effective Continuosuly Variable Transmission for European passenger vehicles 2016
291 FASTGRID Cost effective FCL using advanced superconducting tapes for future HVDC grids 2017
292 FACCESS Enabling the large-scale deployment of Facial Recognition in banking security 2016
293 GESINNE PRO Intelligent Power Supply Regulator 2016
294 SAPEA Science Advice for Policy by European Academies 2016
295 Chi2-Nano-Oxides Second-Order Nano-Oxides for Enhanced Nonlinear Photonics 2017
296 LAMBDA Learning and Analysing Massive / Big complex Data 2017
297 K.I.T.F.E.M. Knowledge and Innovation in, to and from Emerging Markets 2017
298 CORE An innovative web-service to securely issue, store and verify online academic credentials 2017
300 ExtremoChem Chemically synthesised novel compounds for the stabilisation of biologics 2016
301 RSPDE Regularity and Stability in Partial Differential Equations 2017
302 ZIKAVAX Fast track development of a Zika vaccine based on measles vector 2016
303 GENE FOR CURE Expanding and extending gene therapy of monogenic diseases of the haematopoietic system 2016
304 FlexNanoFlow Ultra-flexible nanostructures in flow: controlling folding, fracture and orientation in large-scale liquid processing of 2D nanomaterials 2017
305 QD-NOMS Elementary quantum dot networks enabled by on-chip nano-optomechanical systems 2017
306 GlobalCitizenshipLaw Global Citizenship Law: International Migration and Constitutional Identity 2017
307 Safe2LPG Device for safety and security in liquid petroleum gas systems 2017
308 SAFEnano Effect of water and wastewater treatment on the properties of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) in context of their fate, toxicity and interaction with other contaminants 2017
309 SUPRACELL_COMMUN_CCT Supracellular contractility dynamics and cell communication during collective chemotaxis. 2016
310 MICROFOUNDATIONS Microfoundations of International Order 2017
311 CATHDFENS CATHode Development For Enhanced iNterfacial Studies (CATH-DFENS) 2016
313 RocketChip High Speed, Cost Effective Optical Communications Module Enabling the Next Generation of Ethernet 400 GbE 2016
314 TERAWI-LESS TERAWI-LESS : A New Ultra High Speed Network 2017
315 FLYwheel Low-cost, High-efficiency FLYwheel Energy Recovery System for On-highway Commercial Vehicles 2017
316 ARMeD_free Antibiotic resistance-free meat and dairy products 2017
317 MotionMapper A real-time ground motion disaster mitigation system based on satellite, drone and ground radar images for industry safety and efficiency 2017
318 Watchity Launching the First 360° Crowdsourced Live Video Platform. 2017
319 ECOLED Efficient and Low CO2 footprint B2B turnkey LED module with an innovative thermal solution 2017
320 SOCOSYS Sensors for Oil COoling SYStem 2017
321 DIFFINCL Differential Inclusions and Fluid Mechanics 2017
322 WISE A novel approach to remote and real-time aircraft maintenance 2017
323 SIGROW SIGROW AQUA: feasibility study of a disruptive Nutrient Management System for hydroponic farming 2017
324 Pitstop PLUS RFID-based feeder for giving dairy cows access to additional mineral supplements in a restricted and targeted way during the critical transition period of the lactation cycle 2017
325 IDEA.k Industrial Design Easy Assembly Kit 2017
326 RAINOLVE Accurate irrigation controller with multi-sensoring and interactive cloud-based platform to evaluate real plant needs and save up to 80% of water 2017
327 FluCoMa Fluid Corpus Manipulation: Creative Research in Musical Mining of Large Sound/Gesture Datasets through Foundational Access to the Latest Advances of Signal Decomposition. 2017
328 DEXCORE The Digest and the Exploitation of the Countryside in the Western Roman Empire (2d cent. BC-3rd cent. AD). Evidence of the water control 2017
329 Cetacean Inner Ear Cetacean Inner Ear 2017
330 WARCAP Fiscal capacity and warfare in Europe and Latin America in the long nineteenth century (1789-1913). 2017
331 TEA Theory and Empirics of Asymmetry 2017
332 Vanrestrep Vancomycin resistance regulation in the antibiotic-producers streptomycetes 2018
333 Perceptual Learning Perceptual Learning 2017
334 GRIDAMUS Greek Identity in Art Music since the Early Nineteenth Century: Towards an Interdisciplinary Methodology 2018
335 SHADOWS SHADOWS: Tackling Undeclared Work in the European Union 2017
336 ACRoNNIM Aerosol and Climate Response to NH3 in the NMMB/BSC Inter-Scale Model 2017
337 AGORA Alternative Grassroots Organizations as a Response to Austerity: perspectives from Southern Europe 2017
338 NANO-DIELECTRICS Nanostructured dielectric platforms for electric and magnetic field-enhanced spectroscopies and nonlinear photonics with low-loss characteristics 2017
339 Health1UP2 Differentiated health impacts of primary and secondary ultrafine particles 2017
340 IKETIS The Mediation of Climate Change Induced Migration. Implications for meaningful media discourse and empowerment of key intermediaries to raise public awareness 2017
341 ML-TEXTSUM Multi-language text summarization 2017
342 IDENTITIES Integrative Approaches to Dental Wear: Non-Masticatory Tooth-Use Across the Mesolithic-Neolithic Transition Among Iberian Foraging and Farming Societies 2017
343 APOLLO Assessing population health from exposure to tobacco-specific carcinogens in Belgium using an innovative wastewater-based epidemiology approach 2017
344 SRec BIPV Smart Reconfigurable photovoltaic modules for Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic applications 2018
345 CerebellumTherapy Sensorimotor plasticity in the cerebellar microcircuit and its therapeutic potential 2017
346 REALITY Revolutionary projector platform for virtual and augmented reality eyewear 2017
347 Cynthetica Development of tools to increase product yields in cyanobacteria using a synthetic biology approach 2017
348 WACE Women at the Cutting Edge. Assessing the gendered impact of industrial logging on well-being in Solomon Islands. 2017
349 SamSD Theoretical insides in endohedral metallofullerene based Self-Assembled Monolayers: Statics and Dynamics. 2017
350 SURGE Social Sustainability and Urban Regeneration Governance: An International Perspective 2017
351 AgedLGBT Ageing Diversity: LGBT* – Housing and Long-term Care 2017
352 MICROS Probing local ROS distributions in Calcium signaling microdomains after myocardial infarction 2017
353 NanoAID Advanced In-situ Techniques for the Development of Metal Oxide Nanostructures. 2017
354 MetaBiota Crosstalk between microbiota metabolites and immune cells, the missing link to brain damage. 2017
355 VIVIR VIsual representations of VIew Relations to support effective data analysis on large and high-resolution displays 2017
356 ODORPREP Real time, automatic and remote-activated sampling system for industrial odour emissions compliant with the European Standard EN 13725 2017
357 ALFA Shaping a European Scientific Scene : Alfonsine Astronomy 2017
358 SEQUOIA Robust algorithms for learning from modern data 2017
359 EENINNOAUSTRIA2 Establishing Services Enhancing the Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs in the Enterprise Europe Network 2017
360 UltraSafe Advanced modelling of ultrasonic wave interaction with damage for enhanced failure identification technologies in industrial composite structures 2018
361 LockChip A custom lock chip for compact NMR 2017
362 PHOTOPEROVSKITES Photoexcitation Dynamics and Direct Monitoring of Photovoltaic Processes of Solid-State Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells 2017
363 ATLANTIC_ANGOLA Race, Church, and Colonial Government in the Atlantic: the case of Angola in the age of Enlightenment 2017
364 SIOMICS SIngle-cell multi-OMICs approach to study intra-tumour heterogeneity of soft tissue Sarcomas 2017
365 TOOLBOX Treatment of contaminated land using a biochar/media mixture 2017
366 CACHEM CACHEM: Probing Clustering of X-ray AGN using Chandra and Semi-Empirical Models 2018
367 GaTHeR GaTHeR, Gender and Transfer of Knowledge in Hunter Gatherer Research 2017
368 TinPSC Towards Stable and Highly Efficient Tin-based Perovskite Solar Cells 2018
369 ResFrameFireSeismic Resilient steel frame against fire and seismic hazards 2017
370 AIR Aeroponic Inulin and Rubber 2018
371 GINGER Perception of Eastern Religions in Europe 2017
372 EXPOZOL Exposure of aquatic ecosystems to antifungal azoles : assessment of occurence and fate in sediment, water and aquatic organisms 2017
373 Starflict Conflicts in start-ups: coping with stress and conflicts to promote well-being and entrepreneurial success 2018
374 THEMIS Protecting Human Rights and Public Health in Global Pandemics: A Map of the Standards Applied by EU and US Courts 2018
375 ChildEmp Understanding children's empathy: an ethnographic study among the indigenous Runa of the Ecuadorian Amazon 2018
376 DIGESTIVO The DIffuse Galaxy Expansion SignaTures In Various Observables project: understanding the emergence of diffuse, low surface brightness galaxies and the link to their dark matter haloes 2018
377 PolyVac Polysaccharide-based membrane for sublingual vaccination 2017
378 THAT IS HUNT Triggering Haematological Adoptive T-cell Immunotherapy Strategies by HUnting Novel T-cellreceptors 2018
379 ContraNPM1AML Dissecting to hit the therapeutic targets in nucleophosmin (NPM1)-mutated acute myeloid leukemia 2017
380 EU-FER Economic Uncertainty and Fertility in Europe 2017
381 UVdynamicsProtection Aligning pigmentation and repair: a holistic approach for UV protection dynamics 2017
382 Motivageing Motivation–cognition interaction in healthy ageing and Parkinson’s disease 2018
383 TICOH Taming Irregular Computations On Heterogeneous processors 2017
384 ASSIST ASSIST - Support Network for Household Energy Saving 2017
385 IoBee Beehive health IoT application to fight Honey Bee Colony Mortality 2017
386 ARTHUS Advances in Research on Theories of the Dark Universe - Inhomogeneity Effects in Relativistic Cosmology 2017
387 CRITISUP2 Criticality and Dual Superfluidity 2017
388 MOBILIMA Mobility in situ: Debating emigration and return in Western Mali 2017
389 UBIGNSS GNSS for mass-market Internet-of-Things tracking applications 2017
390 CellTrack Cellular Position Tracking Using DNA Origami Barcodes 2017
391 EpiFAT Epigenomic Reprogramming of Adipose Tissue Function and Energy Metabolism in Type 2 Diabetes 2017
392 ECM_INK Cells-self Extracellular Matrices-based Bioinks to create accurate 3D diseased skin tissue models 2017
393 eNOTICE European Network Of CBRN TraIning CEnters 2017
394 M and M Generalization in Mind and Machine 2017
395 Steammatic Detergent free steam cleaning system for modular conveyor belts in the food industry 2017
396 MEDAS MedAS: a Machine learning enabled Clinical Decision Support System to prevent prescription errors and improve patient safety 2017
397 PATHS The Paths of International Law: Stability and Change in the International Legal Order 2017
398 Group Agency The Normative and Moral Foundations of Group Agency 2017
399 BladeSave Risk Based Technology for Blade Structural Assessment 2017
400 INNO PV-SWITCH Innovative Fireman's Switch for Photovoltaic Systems: towards large-scale production 2017
401 Metamorphosis Transformation of neighbourhoods in a child-friendly way to increase the quality of life for all citizens. 2017
402 CHANCE Characterization of conditioned nuclear waste for its safe disposal in Europe 2017
403 ECOSHEET-PRO An Eco-Innovative Alternative to Plywood 2017
404 ADORA Asymptotic approach to spatial and dynamical organizations 2017
405 SPIDI Star-Planet-Inner Disk Interactions (SPIDI): unveiling the formation and evolution of inner planetary systems 2018
406 MIST Molecules, magnetic fields and Intermittency in coSmic Turbulence – Following the energy trail. 2017
407 H2020 Armenia EEN Armenia assists SMEs involved in Horizon 2020 2017
408 HYDRO_RIG 3G Development of a hydraulic installation for electro-hydraulic integration of hybrid surface actuation systems in on-ground rigs 2017
409 AccesSME Peer Learning of Innovation Agencies for Services of Access to Finance for Innovative SMEs 2017
410 EASYTV Easing the access of Europeans with disabilities to converging media and content 2017
411 SMARTCARS Low Cost Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): A cost affordable solution for improved road safety 2017
412 SENTRY Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Cable Monitoring and Surveying for Offshore Wind Farms providing movement, depth, surface disruption and free-span readings 2017
413 ANALYTICS All-electrical analytic platform for digital fluidics 2017
415 CBRNE STNDS 2017 ERNCIP CBRNE STANDARDS 2017 and 2018 – support to Mandate 487 2017
416 INTELLICORR Intelligent corrosion management underpinned by advanced engineering science 2017
417 IPV_Tanzania Investigating the predictors of intimate partner violence: a mixed method longitudinal study in Tanzania 2017
418 OLDIAS2 On-line Dialysis Sensor Phase2 2017
419 PALMS Plasma Additive Layer Manufacture Smoothing Technology 2017
421 PROBIOTEARS Probiotic-based Ophtalmologic treatment for Bacterial and Allergic Conjunctivitis 2017
423 z-BURN Zero-Emission Catalytic Burner for heating in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 2017
424 ADDABU Automated detection of damage to buildings 2017
425 Eco-sleeve Eco-sleeve is a propellant-free technology for Aerosols, generating high pressure to provide the familiar consumer experience of continuous dispensing. 2017
426 Therapnea Therapnea: Novel Therapy to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea based on Thomas Oro-Pharyngeal Stent 2017
427 vCare Virtual Coaching Activities for Rehabilitation in Elderly 2017
429 MP-ORIF Innovative biocompatible game changing material for medical implants in trauma 2017
430 PreCoM Predictive Cognitive Maintenance Decision Support System 2017
431 DEVOMIND How do infants mentalize? Bringing a neuroimaging approach to the puzzle of early mindreading. 2018
432 MNEMOSYNE Brain computer interface to study and manipulate mamories of aversive experience during sleep 2017
433 GEM Generalised Entropy Models for Spatial Choices 2017
434 MIDNIGHT Neural mechanism underlying vocal interactions in duetting nightingales 2018
435 APES Accuracy and precision for molecular solids 2018
436 ESOF2018 EuroScience Open Forum ESOF2018 2017
437 PhilAnd The origin and early development of philosophy in tenth-century al-Andalus: the impact of ill-defined materials and channels of transmission. 2017
438 PASSIM Patents as Scientific Information, 1895-2020 2017
439 OrFuNCo Organic Functionalisation of N2 Using Metal-Main Group and Metal-Metal Cooperativity 2018
440 CORFRONMAT Correlated frontiers of many-body quantum mathematics and condensed matter physics 2018
441 FarCatCH Innovative Strategies for Unprecedented Remote C-H bond Functionalization by Catalysis 2018
442 SBS3-5 Stimulated Brillouin Scattering based RF to Optical Signal Transduction and Amplification 2018
444 NEWTON NEw Windown inTO Earth's iNterior 2018
445 ODYSSEY Open dynamics of interacting and disordered quantum systems 2018
446 DYNAVERSITY DYNAmic seed networks for managing European diVERSITY 2017
447 TechTIDE Warning and Mitigation Technologies for Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances Effects 2017
448 INNOVATE INtelligeNt ApplicatiOns oVer Large ScAle DaTa StrEams 2018
449 AniStyle Artistic Animation Rendering with Stylization 2018
450 CLIMB Development of a Cavity Supported Lipid Membranes Biomimetic drug permeability models (CLIMB) 2018
451 CureCN Adeno-Associated Virus Vector-Mediated Liver Gene Therapy for Crigler-Najjar Syndrome 2018
452 AUTISMS Decomposing Heterogeneity in Autism Spectrum Disorders 2018
453 MTrix Mechanical Targeting as an Integrative Approach for Personalized Nanomedicine 2017
454 SOTUF SOot in TUrbulent Flames: a new look at soot production processes in turbulent flames leading to novel models for predictive large eddy simulations 2018
455 DEVTAXNET Tax Evasion in Developing Countries. The Role of Firm Networks 2018
456 ReSEED Rescuing seeds’ heritage: engaging in a new framework of agriculture and innovation since the 18th century 2018
457 TRUFUS MAZARO’s innovative transmissions for unrivalled electricity and fuel savings in transport 2017
458 GRIMASSE General aviation Rescue capacity IMprovement for the worldwide Adoption of a Safe Solution based on European GNSS 2017
459 STriTuVaD In Silico Trial for Tuberculosis Vaccine Development 2018
460 OchraVine Control Implementation of integrated and innovative Precision Agriculture management strategies to reduce the occurrence of ochratoxins along the vine value chain products: grapes, raisins/currants and wine 2018
461 SPINMULTIFILM Physical principles of the creation of novel SPINtronic materials on the base of MULTIlayered metal-oxide FILMs for magnetic sensors and MRAM 2018
462 HYDRAITE Hydrogen Delivery Risk Assessment and Impurity Tolerance Evaluation 2018
463 ZEFER Zero Emission Fleet vehicles For European Roll-out 2017
464 REFLEX Reversible solid oxide Electrolyzer and Fuel cell for optimized Local Energy miX 2018
465 WADcher Web Accessibility Directive Decision Support Environment 2018
466 EcoCurrent Innovative water current picoturbines for the economic and sustainable exploitation of the renewable energy from rivers and estuaries 2017
467 MRP autonomous Multi-electric Recycling Process line 2017
468 CULTURED BEEF A cost-effective production process to open worldwide the cultured meat market 2017
469 FANDANGO FAke News discovery and propagation from big Data ANalysis and artificial intelliGence Operations 2018
470 SPECTO Bowling SPECTO Bowling® 2.0: Advanced Measurement and Analysis of Bowling Performance 2018
471 Tangi0 Touch and pressure sensitive material without electronic sensors for intuitive and eye-free control of a car’s features while driving 2018
472 NCN Nite Carbon Nanoclusters, a natural antioxidant for the food industry made from agricultural waste 2018
473 Meshporto_smeIns1_2 PsstMenu allows customers to place orders directly from home or restaurant tables using only a smartphone. 2018
475 AlkFood A disruptive cost-efficient industrial technology using bioreactor to boost compounds yields in roots, shoots, leaves for agri-food, flavors, biopesticides 2018
476 QuCIP Qur'anic Commentary: An Integrative Paradigm 2018
477 QRES Transforming the limits of resolution by utilizing quantum information 2018
478 CROSS-NEUROD Transferring autonomous and non autonomous cell degeneration 3D models between EU and USA for development of effective therapies for neurodegenerative diseases (ND) 2018
479 Pewas AQS New seed treating method - hydrostimulation - for higher crop yields in water deprived regions 2018
480 TechNovatorXE TechNovator XE remote wireless charging 2017
481 PALACE Pump Architecture Linked to Aircraft Cooling Expectations 2018
483 cLEvER Lightweight and rEliable Emergency exits and cabin footstep for fast Rotorcraft 2018
484 NOCO2 Novel CO2 condensation and separation in supersonic flows contributing to carbon capture and storage (CCS) 2019
485 BJW When saying the world is just backfires: elites' expression of the belief in a just world, perceived immorality, moral outrage and punishment wishes 2018
486 NetRom Early Marriage between Dynamism of Social Network and Legal Autonomy: The case of transnational Romanian Roma 2018
487 SIZE The role of size in the sustainability of irrigation systems 2019
488 US-E AntiRacism Catholicism and the “Negro Question”: Religion, Racism, and Antiracism in a Transnational Perspective (United States and Europe, 1934-1968) 2019
489 PICS Prediction in Complex Systems 2018
490 FoodLoss Food Loss in History. Insights into the food produced but never consumed 2019
492 BHmapping Mapping the inner flow around accreting black holes 2019
493 CABUM An investigation of the mechanisms at the interaction between cavitation bubbles and contaminants 2018
494 CENTR-ALL Clarifying role of the CENTROSOME in abnormal mitotic processes featuring the most commonchildhood malignancy: paediatric High Hyperdiploid Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (HHDpALL) 2019
495 CHOCOLATE4LIFE Achieving sustainable agriculture in African cacao through DNA metabarcoding and food web models 2019
496 CLAIMS CLAIMing land in early medieval localitieS: an interdisciplinary study of land claims and property regimes in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula (9th-11th) 2019
497 Competing Forecasts Comparing the Predictive Ability of Forecasting Models 2018
498 DeepGeo Deep Gaussian Processes for Geostatistical Data Analysis 2018
499 DEPART DEmocratic PARticipation in Territorial states 2018
500 Digiteal Digiteal: Next generation e-invoicing and e-payment platform, one-click and automatic invoice payment anywhere in the SEPA zone 2018
501 Divided communities Communities Under Siege: Everyday Challenges in the Divided City of Jerusalem 2018
502 DOPANF Dopaminergic midbrain modulations by (adaptive) neurofeedback 2018
503 DYNOS The coupled dynamics of Southern Ocean climate change 2018
504 ECHO Harmonization of Regulation of Abusive Non-Judicial Debt Collection in the European Union: Models, Benefits and Challenges 2019
505 ELECTRIC CHALLENGES Current Tools and Policy Challenges in Electricity Markets 2018
506 EMOMETER EMOMETER: Developing an Integrated Toolbox for the Assessment of Emotional Functioning in Dogs 2018
507 EmpowerMarginalized Empowerment of marginalized convicted women through social enterprises 2019
508 ReConAg Rethinking Conscious Agency 2018
509 MMED Development of a Microfluidic Microbial Ecology Device and Mathematical Model to Study Antibiotic Response of Individual Cells 2019
510 EU-SENSE European Sensor System for CBRN Applications 2018
511 NucleolusChromatin Analysis of the nucleolus in genome organization and function 2018
512 SUPERA Supporting the Promotion of Equality in Research and Academia 2018
513 2DHIBSA Nanoscopic and Hierachical Materials via Living Crystallization-Driven Self-Assembly 2018
514 AMACONOE Advanced modelling and control of nitrous oxide emissions from wastewater treatment plants 2018
515 RECOVERY Water Recovery from Industrial Gas Streams at Moderate Temperatures 2018
516 Worldsoflabour Entangled Worlds of Labour: The Advance of Flexible Capitalism in Eastern Europe 2019
517 NoSoilPV Novel Soiling Identification Logics for Photovoltaics 2018
518 ANTICORPOL New dimensions and approaches to anti-corruption policy 2018
519 PABLO Power Amplifier Design Through Behavioural Modelling 2019
520 EUTERPE Estimation of the term premium in Euro Area government bonds 2018
521 TRANS-END Transgender and Intersex protection from gender-based violence: exploring new directions 2018
522 PPRdesign Engineering synthetic pentatricopeptide repeat proteins for the site-specific genetic manipulation of plant organelles 2018
523 PROTEXPO Protection and Exports 2018
524 MAGMATS The effects of magmatic systems maturation on geophysical signals recorded in volcanic areas. 2018
525 SPECADIS Speciation and bioavailability of heavy metal cadmium (Cd) in the soil-plant system: a novel approach combining stable isotope geochemistry and experimental spectroscopy. 2019
526 VirtualSync An embodied perspective on anosognosia 2018
527 SELFSENS Printed SELF-power platform for gas SENSing monitoring 2018
528 FOREPAST Past, present and future environmental, biological and social transitions in coastal ecosystems 2019
529 MATRIX-B Triaxial Magnetic Fields for the Control of Bioactive Materials in Bone Engineering 2018
530 HOPE HOminin Proteomes in human Evolution 2018
531 SOCELL Self-organized biomolecular gradients for controlling cellular behaviour in cell culture 2018
532 INTIMIZ Interracial intimacy in Africa: Afro-European couples, cross cultural transactions, and social changes in Islamic Zanzibar 2018
533 WONT-HATE Online Hate against European Women Leaders: a Corpus-Assisted Multimodal Critical Analysis 2019
534 RE-HOUSING The Refugees’ Right To Housing: State Policies and Housing Commons in Istanbul, Athens and Belgrade 2018
535 SEMSUBSET The Grammar of Inclusion: Exploring the Boundaries of Linguistic Competence 2019
536 SINDIA Sulphide INclusions in DIAmonds: A Window into The Earth’s Interior Through Time 2019
537 ARTEMIS Graphene Molecule Interfaces for Spintronics 2019
538 EUSKOR Europe, the United States and the Crisis on the KORean Peninsula: Between a Rock and a Hard Place 2018
539 PATCHES Protein Adsorption onTo CHarged surfacES 2018
540 SABIR Dynamic sustainability assessment tool for the case studies of biorefinery supply chains from agricultural wastes 2018
542 MRRI-MENA Migrant and Refugee Rights Index for the Middle East and North Africa 2019
543 PLaTONE PLasmonics@Transparent cONductive oxidEs 2018
544 LangRev European Best Practices for Endangered Language Revitalisation 2018
545 PreSTO Pilot scale hybrid Photocatalytic Processes for the simultaneous removal of Pathogens and Pharmaceuticals from wastewaters 2018
546 NoPHAME Novel PHAge MEthods for improved virus inactivation 2019
547 GeoFodder The scale and significance of early animal husbandry in SW Europe: development of aninterdisciplinary high-resolution approach to the investigation of livestock diets and herding practices. 2019
548 KaIROS Keeping and Increasing Resilience Opportunities and Sustainability of communities against earthquakes 2018
549 ML Potentials Constructing Intermolecular Potentials by Combining Physics and Machine Learning 2018
550 IDEAA Techniques, methods and tools for Issue-Driven European Arena Analytics: supporting citizens to easily explore the trove of publicly available data to build a viewpoint on a specific issue. 2018
551 PERIL Post ERuption Incision of Landscapes (PERIL) 2019
552 RECIPE REliable power and time-ConstraInts-aware Predictive management of heterogeneous Exascale systems 2018
553 ICE2LAST Innovative technology based on the integration of natural substances in ice to improve animal welfare and extend shelf-life of farmed fish 2018
554 EuroXpand EUROpean clinical validation of a new ex vivo eXpanded stem cell theraPy for cArdiac regeNeration after acute myocarDial infarction: EUROXPAND 2018
555 XCell A reliable, effective ballast water management system through unique in situ biocide production 2018
556 PoshBee Pan-european assessment, monitoring, and mitigation Of Stressors on the Health of BEEs 2018
557 RUMBLE RegUlation and norM for low sonic Boom LEvels 2017
558 HRP-IAEA Living with Radiation: The Role of the International Atomic Energy Agency in the History of Radiation Protection 2019
559 ChildRescue ChildRescue - Collective Awareness Platform for Missing Children Investigation and Rescue 2018
560 NO FEAR Network Of practitioners For Emergency medicAl systems and cRitical care 2018
561 IslamAnimals Animals in the Philosophy of the Islamic World 2018
562 MAESTRO Middleware for memory and data-awareness in workflows 2018
563 VALORTECH ERA Chair for Food (By-) Products Valorisation Technologies of the Estonian University of Life Sciences 2018
564 ULTRACEPT Ultra-layered perception with brain-inspired information processing for vehicle collision avoidance 2018
565 BiodivScen Promoting and implementing joint programming at the international level to reinforce research on the development of scenarios of biodiversity and ecosystem services 2017
566 COVOPRIM A Comparative Study of Voice Perception in Primates 2019
567 ENPMUC Elites, networks, and power in modern urban China (1830-1949). 2018
568 eDrop Droplet Photoelectron Imaging 2018
569 HyArchi Targeting Root Hydraulic Architecture to improve Crops under Drought 2018
570 SELF-UNITY The Unity of the Bodily Self 2019
571 GLOBEGOV The Rise of Global Environmental Governance:A History of the Contemporary Human-Earth Relationship 2018
572 GALILEO 4 Mobility Fostering the adoption of GALILEO for Mobility as a Service 2017
573 STETHOTELEPHONE Device for improving the value of the Classic/Mechanic stethoscope – An innovative device for improvement, digitization and recording of the sound. 2018
574 HypoSkin Unique breakthrough ex vivo human skin model to predict efficacy and toxicity of subcutaneous drugs 2018
575 REPLICATE The Revolutionary Tooth Replacement System for Minimally Invasive Immediate Dental Implants 2018
576 BEMYEYES Be My Eyes - The mobile platform that allows sighted people to lend their eyes to the blind and visually impaired 2018
577 Is it fresh Is it fresh. Keeping it fresh digitally 2018
579 PrEDICTS Optimizing Container Load for Parcel and Pallet Transport Networks 2018
580 Be12 A cyphered cloud based DataBank for the corporate sector 2018
581 RE-WATER REvitalising tap WATER for reduced consumption of plastic water bottles 2018
582 EASYFISH Development of a new biomolecule to better control reproduction in fish 2018
583 MOTIONMAPPER A real-time slope stability and subsidence monitoring service to improve productivity and to prevent catastrophic events in the mining industry 2018
584 QTrobot QTrobot Autism Therapy Store 2018
585 SALLY R Securing a healthy indoor air climate while saving energy in buildings with space technology 2018
587 AQRATE Breakthrough technology for managing and purchasing translation services guaranteBreakthrough technology for managing and purchasing translation services guaranteeing transparency, savings and quality 2018
588 Olfactomics Bringing Surgery to the 21st Century: Feasibility Verification of Real-time Tissue Analysis During Surgery 2018
589 EGgPLANT Sustainable and carbon-efficient mono-Ethylene Glycol generation in demonstration PLANT 2018
590 DART Diagnostics Saving Time, Money and Lives Through Rapid Plug & Play Salmonella Diagnostics 2018
591 AirBrush A fast non-intrusive vapour detection system that rapidly identifies explosives in public areas 2018
592 denovoSkin Personalized, bio-engineered skin grafts for the permanent treatment of skin defects. 2018
593 Global-assembly Building up the Milky Way Halo in the era of multiple stellar populations 2018
594 Governmigration Governing irregular immigration through detention: discourses and practices from an interdisciplinary approach 2018
595 MAGDEx Unmet MAGnetic properties in micro and nano-particles by synthesis through gas-diffusion electrocrystallisation (GDEx) 2018
596 DUSTCOMB A Novel Technology to Reduce Industrial Dust Pollution and to Enable Most Efficient Energy Recovery 2018
597 SmartTrans A real-time Voltage controlled distribution transformer for power grid stabilization in the smart-grid era allowing for 100% adoption of sustainable power sources 2018
598 MARS ModulAR Plug-in Mechatronic DeviceS for vibration suppression in manufacturing equipment 2018
599 DeCAS The first real-time monitoring device able to determine the impact area of space vehicles’ fragments during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere and minimize risks for people and property 2018
600 SWIRL Short, weakly interacting RNA ligands for the development of high-concentration monoclonal antibody therapeutics 2018
601 IMPLAGUIDE Smart & Autonomous Guidance System for Citizen Security in Public Transport and large facilities 2018
602 SCENT Smart Cities EMC Network for Training 2018
603 INVI INVI self-defense bracelet: feel empowered 2018
604 ENDONANO Quantitative detection of bacterial endotoxin by novel nanotechnological approaches 2019
605 ELDORADO Electrophilicity-Lifting Directed by Organochalcogen Redox-Auxiliaries and Diversiform Organocatalysis 2019
606 PROTECT Predictive mOdelling Tools to evaluate the Effects of Climate change on food safeTy and spoilage 2019
607 denovoSkin Personalized, bio-engineered skin grafts for the permanent treatment of skin defects 2018
608 LPPDS A portable peritoneal dialysis system for home use that monitors for infection 2018
609 ARTTOUCH Generating artificial touch: from the contribution of single tactile afferents to the encoding of complex percepts, and their implications for clinical innovation 2019
610 READIT Reading Literature in a Digital Culture 2018
611 aQUARiUM QUAntum nanophotonics in Rolled-Up Metamaterials 2019
612 HR-Recycler Hybrid Human-Robot RECYcling plant for electriCal and eLEctRonic equipment 2018
613 QSAREACH QSAR computational models' self-using platform for EC Regulation-REACH 2018
614 COCLICAN COllaborative Consortium for the early detection of LIver CANcer 2018
615 CLARA Chemical Looping gAsification foR sustainAble production of biofuels 2018
616 CEWASTE Voluntary certification scheme for waste treatment 2018
617 ENeRAG Excellency Network Building for Comprehensive Research and Assessment of Geofluids 2018
618 RETOPEA Religious Toleration and Peace 2018
619 POWER4BIO emPOWERing regional stakeholders for realising the full potential of european BIOeconomy 2018
620 Fed4IoT Federating IoT and cloud infrastructures to provide scalable and interoperable Smart Cities applications, by introducing novel IoT virtualization technologies 2018
621 BREAK BIOFILMS Breaking Bad Biofilms. Innovative Analysis and Design Rules for Next-Generation Antifouling Interfaces 2019
622 I-DireCT Immune DIREcted and Cancer-selective immunoTherapy 2019
623 SHIVADHARMA Translocal Identities. The Åšivadharma and the Making of Regional Religious Traditions in Premodern South Asia 2018
624 DYMOLAMO Dynamic Modeling of Labor Market Mobility and Human Capital Accumulation 2018
625 ODESSA Obstruction DEtection Sensor for Surveillance on Aircraft 2018
626 SUSTINNO Sustainability Innovations in Global Production Networks – Addressing Socio-Ecological Challenges in the Global Economy 2018
627 FEASIBLe Finding how Earthquakes And Storms Impact the Building of Landscapes 2019
628 Snowless Real-time reaction, autonomous and energy-efficient snowmelt technology for lightly and heavily trafficked pavement surfaces. 2018
629 MIDA Mediating Islam in the Digital Age. Present issues and past experiences of technological revolutions 2019
630 GEORISK Developing geothermal and renewable energy projects by mitigating their risks. 2018
631 DIAMOND Revealing fair and actionable knowledge from data to support women’s inclusion in transport systems 2018
632 DYMO Dynamic dialogue modelling 2019
633 SIMBA Sustainable innovation of microbiome applications in food system 2018
634 HD4HF Heart Damper: a revolutionary device for Heart Failure 2018
635 Cyanobacteria Developing a process for the production of an organic hydroponic fertilizer using nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria 2018
636 p38_InTh Innovative therapeutic tools to ameliorate chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity 2018
637 ELG European Language Grid 2019
638 MeaningfulMobility Meaningful Mobility: a novel approach to movement within and between places in later life 2019
639 BEATS Beamline for Tomography at SESAME 2019
640 SEREEL Safe and easy retrofit with energy efficient LED-tubes 2018
641 Affects Mobilising Affects: Politics of Security and the Withdrawal of Citizenship 2019
642 DIDONE The Sources of Absolute Music: Mapping Emotions in Eighteenth-Century Italian Opera 2019
643 DaPhNIs Role of the Maternal Gut Microbiota in Immune Activation at the Maternal-Foetal Interface: Impact on Preeclampsia and Offspring's Immune Development 2019
644 InOutBioLight Advanced biohybrid lighting and photovoltaic devices 2020
645 InDivEU Integrating Diversity in the European Union 2019
646 EU3D EU Differentiation, Dominance and Democracy 2019
648 EMPORIGIN What are the origins of empathy? A comparative developmental investigation 2019
649 CeraText Tailoring Microstructure and Architecture to Build Ceramic Components with Unprecedented Damage Tolerance 2019
650 SKIDLESS Enhancing car safety through accurate and real time side-slip angle assessment 2019
651 Smart Certificate The trusted solution for issuing certified documents to the blockchain, checkable in just a click 2018
652 HYDROMA Origin and evolution of organic matter in carbonaceous chondrites: influence of hydrothermal processes 2019
653 FUMI Future Migration as Present Fact 2019
654 EENINNOAUSTRIA3 Establishing Services Enhancing the Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs in the Enterprise Europe Network Austria 2019
655 MetAction The motor hypothesis for self-monitoring: A new framework to understand and treat metacognitive failures 2019
656 F-ELEMENT_ARCHITECT Building Precise Molecular Architectures to Unlock Remarkable f-Element Properties 2019
657 NewMonEc Monetary Economics and Communication: New Data, New Tools, New and Old Questions 2019
658 uCARE Understanding Circumventing Antibiotic REsistance 2019
659 iLIVE Living well, dying well. A research programme to support living until the end 2019
660 STEADIEST Design, development and flight qualification of a supercritical composite shaft drive line for tiltrotor main drive system 2019
661 Branbox Biodegradable and waterproof take-away containers made of wheat bran 2019
662 IPC Intelligent Pest Control – a first-line defence system against rats’ infestation 2019
663 HMCS Handheld Molecular Contaminant Screener 2019
664 EPS55 Electric Propulsion System for the Air Transportation of Tomorrow 2019
665 ARFM Automated Remote Foetal Monitoring 2019
666 CULTSONG Culture as an evolutionary force: Does song learning accelerate speciation in a bat ring species? 2019
667 CATTLECHAIN 4.0 Enhancing farm productivity and guaranteeing CATTLE traceability and welfare with blockCHAIN 2019
668 ComfDemo COMFort in the cabin DEMOnstrator 2019
669 BlockchainKYC Blockchain-based, 100% automated KYC (Know Your Customer) service 2019
670 i-Weld Integration of advanced experiments, computation and data for Duplex Stainless Steel joininginnovation 2019
671 CARB-City Physico-Chemistry of Carbonaceous Aerosol Pollution in Evolving Cities 2020
672 PICModForPCa Personalised Image-based Computational Modelling Framework to Forecast Prostate Cancer 2020
673 PLASTICERA Plastic ceramic films to improve safety of modern nuclear energy 2019
674 REDEBA Revamping the Desalination Battery 2020
675 FIVER Innovative solution for FMS computed trajectories validation by means of pilot actions emulation, comparison with PANS-OPS criteria and data mining techniques. 2018
676 SSST-BD Smart Specialization Strategy Tools with Big Data 2019
677 CHEMICROS CHEmically-mediated MICRobial Interactions maintained by the toxic dinoflagellate OStreopsis cf. ovata 2019
678 ChOLLATERAL Generation of an adverse outcome pathway network on cholestatic liver injury for mechanism-based in vitro testing of chemicals. 2019
679 COLIBRI Click chemistry Options for Live Immuno Brain Imaging 2019
680 MAGYC MigrAtion Governance and asYlum Crises 2018
681 BIONA4ART BIO-inspired NAcre-like materials FOR the next generation of conservation treatments in stone ART works 2019
682 WiPASS Wireless Power for Autonomous Sensor Systems 2019
683 DriveToTheFuture Needs, wants and behaviour of 'Drivers' and automated vehicle users today and into the future 2019
684 LUBARTWORLD Migration and Holocaust: Transnational Trajectories of Lubartow Jews Across the World (1920s-1950s) 2019
685 STAND4HERITAGE New STANDards for seismic assessment of built cultural HERITAGE 2019
686 FORMSofLABOUR Forms of Labour: Gender, Freedom and Experience of Work in the Preindustrial Economy 2019
687 kelbus2 Experimental and numerical study of long runout landslides 2020
688 AllergenDetect Comprehensive allergen detection using synthetic DNA libraries 2019
689 PROTEAS Programming Terpene Cyclization Through Iterative Precursor Assembly 2019
690 SAECG Prediction of AF incidence using PR interval measurements, echocardiographic data and biomarker profiles: Analyses within epidemiological Framingham Heart Study and LIFE Health Care Study cohorts 2019
691 FEM-RESIST Women, Photography and Resistance in Transnational Perspective 2019
692 MolecularControl Harvesting out-of-equilibrium forces for molecular control 2020
693 Affects Mobilising Affects: Withdrawal of Citizenship and Politics of Security 2019
694 JBinBA Joint Bodies in Bilateral Agreements 2019
695 EndoReproTox Embodied Ecologies: An Ethnographic Study of Reproductive Toxicity, Infertility, Endometriosis and Delayed Childbearing 2019
696 FED Feeding, Educating, Dieting: a Transnational Approach to Nutrition Discourses in Children’s Narratives (Britain and Italy, 1850-1900) 2019
697 COHESiV Coherent Optomechanical and Hyperfine interactions Engineering with Silicon-Vacancy impurities in diamond for quantum networks 2020
698 Ultra-LightCon-3D Ultra-Lightweight Concrete for 3D printing technologies 2019
699 PPPCM The Impact of Political Parties on Public Claim Making in European Democracies 2020
700 INFORM Innovative Electrochemical Multiplex Biosensor for Detection and Quantification of Clinically Relevant Circulating miRNAs 2020
701 Dielec2DBiomolecules Dielectric measurement of two-dimentionally confined biomolecules at the nanoscale 2019
702 GAlBs Novel porous graphite as cathodes for advanced aluminium-ion batteries 2019
703 2D_PHOT Two Dimensional Materials for Photonic Devices 2020
704 MISTRUST Correcting misinformation: The role of source (un)trustworthiness on the effects of repetition and contradiction in judgments of information’s truth-value. 2020
705 SCRIBSCIE Scribal Science: Naturalists' Paper Empire in France ca. 1660-1770 2019
706 MitoQuant Development of Deep-UV Quantitative Microscopy for the Study of Mitochondrial Dysfunction 2019
707 VoiCED VOtIng Citizens and the Ethics of Democracy 2019
708 UNCERTHAIN Unraveling the consequences of early cerebellothalamic dysfunction and its role in autism spectrum disorder symptoms 2019
709 FUNTRICAN Functional analysis of thyroid hormone nuclear receptors TRs in human Intestinal Cancer stem cells 2019
710 LION L'industrie oubliée de Néandertal - The forgotten industry of Neanderthal 2019
711 BIZPOL Business as political actor – evolving practice, emerging norms and shifting expectations for a pivotal determinant of public trust in both business and democracy (BIZPOL) 2019
712 MEDPOL The fourth estate? media, frames and political behaviour towards the EU in comparative perspective 2019
713 InterTJRPB The Interplay between Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in Peacebuilding 2019
714 GW Analysing the heavy element factories of the Universe : photometric and spectroscopic sample study of kilonovae 2019
715 MIMIC Deciphering how microbiota modulate anti-tumor immune responses in checkpoint therapy 2020
716 NUTRIENT Identification of physiological and molecular mechanisms mediating the response of Nitrogen nutrition to eCO2 2020
717 multiQCD time-like observables from multi-level lattice QCD 2019
718 RADIOFREPOLIS An Innovative and Energy-Efficient Radio Frequency Pretreatment on Emerging Micropollutants and Transformation Products in Anaerobic Sludge Digestion for Waste Reuse 2019
719 ETE SPEAKER Robust End-To-End SPEAKER recognition based on deep learning and attention models 2019
720 HomoPolitics Greek Homonationalism: Entanglement of Sexual Politics with Issues of Race and Nationalism in the Case of Lesbian and Gay Movements and Queer Activist Groups in Greece 2019
721 SPFPs Photo-Fenton degradation of Persistent Organic Pollutants present in Real Contaminated Waters using Solar pilot plant Reactors 2020
722 IMPRESS Integrated Modular Power Conversion for Renewable Energy Systems with Storage 2019
723 GLOBALGUNS Guns for a Global Empire: Deployment of Artillery Technology in the Iberian Colonial Space (1580-1640) 2019
724 SymCO Asymptotic Symmetries: from Concepts to Observations 2020
725 ECO-DEKS External knowledge sourcing strategies for environmental innovation in the industrial sector of Nigeria 2019
726 LitRivus Assessment of riverine litter (plastics) inputs to the marine environment 2020
727 OCTAV A novel approach to non-invasive and personalized skin cancer diagnosis 2019
728 CB-103 First effective targeted therapy for T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) and other NOTCH pathway driven cancers 2019
729 STOPTHEFRAUDINOLIVEO Fighting counterfeiting in Olive Oil with blockchain - a working product has arrived 2019
730 BIOsens BIOsens – cutting-edge portable device for precise and rapid analysis of crops 2019
731 PALAEMON PALAEMON – A holistic passenger ship evacuation and rescue ecosystem 2019
732 REACT REcycling of waste ACrylic Textiles 2019
733 Robust Robust and Energy-Efficient Numerical Solvers Towards Reliable and Sustainable Scientific Computations 2019
734 HubCities Governing urban diversity through culture and higher education: Learning from Doha and Singapore. 2019
736 MRI PADS Dielectric pads for high field MRI 2019
737 GRAPHENE WATER High-Quality Graphene Dispersion in Water for Anti-Corrosion Applications 2019
739 BrainMatter Enterprise Grade Lean AI platform 2019
740 Human Jigsaw The Human Jigsaw: Matching articulating skeletal elements from mass burials 2019
741 GAMMA The Artificial Intelligence Code Analysis & Recommendation Engine to drive software development speed & reliability for global corporations 2019
742 MigrantLife Understanding Life Trajectories of Immigrants and Their Descendants in Europe and Projecting Future Trends 2019
743 MANMAX Managing forage fisheries and marine predators to maximise conservation gains 2020
744 RealHands Revolutionize the way humans interact with technology 2019
745 ScleroTest A rapid and cost-effective point-of-care diagnostic kit able to predict treatment response for appropriate Multiple Sclerosis management 2019
746 COMP4DRONES Framework of key enabling technologies for safe and autonomous drones’ applications 2019
747 MICADO Measurement and Instrumentation for Cleaning And Decommissioning Operations 2019
748 APIIP API-Enabled Invoice Protection in Europe 2019
749 PantEOn A Multi-Scale Earth Observation Indicator System for Land Degradation Assessment of Transitional Mediterranean Climates 2020
750 DyCLE Dynamics of Cadmium concentrations in Leaves in response to a challenging Environment 2019
751 RETRY Resilience and Resignation among Transnational Roma and non-Roma Youths 2019
752 DEEPDREAM A Data-drivEn computational mEthod for PersonalizeD healthcare in chronic REspiratory diseases through big-dAta analytics and dynamical Modelling. 2020
753 ADFU Novel anaerobic digestion fertiliser unit 2019
754 E-RESCUE E-RESCUE - Changing forever the way we rescue crash victims - Saving time and lives during the Golden Hour 2019
755 Pexaconnect The First Global Renewable Trading Platform 2019
756 ADOPT GRANDPARENTS Creating value by bridging the Intergenerational Gap 2019
757 STREPUNLOCKED Unlocking the antibiotic production potential in soil bacteria Streptomyces coelicolor 2019
759 EPSETECH From Hazardous Waste to Reusable Raw Materials 2019
760 MatManager MatManager - New standard in road construction efficiency 2019
761 FAT4BRAIN Networking for excellence in functional pharmacology to study the role of fatty acid metabolism in neurological disorders 2019
762 MicroRepro Medical microbots to support new assisted reproduction techniques 2019
763 Chaperon ERA Chair Position for Excellent Research in Oncology 2019
764 InterConnect Interoperable Solutions Connecting Smart Homes, Buildings and Grids 2019
765 Optainer An unprecedented water-recycling system for washing, rinsing and drying of thermal insulated containers within the Food Industry 2019
766 REMODEL Research models in infection, cancer and regeneration: replacement and translation 2019
767 Sislum Smart signaling system to increase road safety 2019
768 Faze Development and commercialisation of a safe, comfortable, adjustable and breathable body protector for dangerous sports industries. 2019
769 REGATRACE REnewable GAs TRAde Centre in Europe 2019
770 NEEMO Networking for Excellence in Electric Mobility Operations 2019
771 Warrick X1 Safe home-based portable peritoneal dialysis system that offers simpler dialysis and improved quality of life for patients 2019
773 ORIGAMI cOmpRession of Genomic dAta to facilitate precision MedIcine 2019
774 WorkPilots expansion Preventing EU Youth Unemployment - One Gig at a Time 2019
775 Dust BioSolutions Weed control in row crop farming through natural biocementation 2019
776 EHS Thermo-adjustable endoscope heater system to solve problems of fogging during surgical interventions 2019
777 CITRUS-PORT Global advisory DSS platform for citrus fruit growers 2019
778 HELoS Health.E Lighthouse Support Initiative 2019
779 VALIDATE Verifying Authenticity with Liquid crystal-Derived Anti Theft Encoding 2019
780 Zero1 A unique suite of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to battle cashflow problems in SMEs 2019
781 C-PlaNeT Circular Plastics Network for Training 2020
782 LimnoPlast Microplastics in Europe's freshwater ecosystems: From sources to solutions 2019
783 3TR Identification of the Molecular Mechanisms of non-response to Treatments, Relapses and Remission in Autoimmune, Inflammatory, and Allergic Conditions 2019
784 Comm4CHILD Communication for Children with Hearing Impairment to optimise Language Development 2020
785 RISE-WELL Critical solutions for elderly well-being 2020
786 zEPHYR Towards a more efficient exploitation of on-shore and urban wind energy resources 2019
787 STREAM Simulation of Turbulence and RoughnEss in Additive Manufactured parts 2019
789 SAFEBIO Safe and Complete Algorithms for Bioinformatics 2020
790 UpTrop Fundamental understanding of reactive nitrogen in the global upper troposphere 2019
791 UNITED Multi-Use offshore platforms demoNstrators for boostIng cost-effecTive and Eco-friendly proDuction in sustainable marine activities 2020
792 MEMO The Memory of Solitons 2020
793 AT2 Asynchronous Trustworthy Transactions 2019
794 IN-FET Ionic Neuromodulation For Epilepsy Treatment 2020
795 NEUROPA Non-invasive dynamic neural control by laser-based technology 2020
796 FOCALSPEC Solving the Root Cause of Battery Short Circuits:FocalSpec high-speed 3D imaging sensors revolutionise industrial quality control 2019
797 CRACKNP Finding Cracks in the Wall of NP-completeness 2020
798 REFOCUS Chip-Scale Self-Referenced Optical Frequency Comb Sources 2020
799 Mereodao Mereological Reconstruction of the Metaphysical System in the Daodejing 2020
800 THERAUTISM New molecular targets and proof-of-concept therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorders 2020
801 MABSTER Monoclonal Antibodies with Binding Sensitive To Environmental Regulation 2020
802 TeNDER affecTive basEd iNtegrateD carE for betteR Quality of Life 2019
803 TheCoroRevolution The Coro: a revolutionary product to bring breastfeeding into the 21st century 2019
804 LifeChamps A Collective Intelligence Platform to Support Cancer Champions 2019
805 Obsidian Obsidian Anastomotic SafeGuard – A powerful and efficient tissue sealant method for reducing the anastomotic leak rate in colorectal surgery 2019
806 DV SUPPORT Building an evidence base to support Polish women victims of domestic violence in the UK. 2020
807 HumMingBird Enhanced migration measures from a multidimensional perspective 2019
808 Preemie Personalised nutrition of low-birth-weight infants 2019
809 CERTO Copernicus Evolution – Research for Transitional-water Observation 2020
810 EVIE 2.0 A slow release insemination that doubles the success rate of the most common first line treatment of infertility. 2019
811 rumicon The first holistic & preventive monitoring system of dairy cows’ health 2019
812 EQUAL4EUROPE Gender Equality Standards for AHMSSBL institutions throughout Europe 2020
813 ParCos Participatory Communication of Science 2020
814 ELDICO ED ELDICO ED, Shaping the Future of Crystallography - The First Pure Electron Diffraction Equipment for Nano-Crystallography 2019
815 Numii Numii: A real-time and non-invasive monitoring tool for the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders 2019
816 Evolift Evolift - Getting people out of harms way 2019
817 NORATEST NORATEST: An e-Health solution for a better Alzheimer's diagnosis and management 2019
818 AUTHEVOO DNA-Authenticity & Traceability for Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Τrust the DNA, the label. 2019
819 stalkIT NB-IoT Robust Tracking and Monitoring Solution 2019
820 CoMorMent Predicting comorbid cardiovascular disease in individuals with mental disorder by decoding disease mechanisms 2020
821 UNITI Unification of treatments and Interventions for Tinnitus patients 2020
822 GALIRUMI Galileo-assisted robot to tackle the weed Rumex obtusifolius and increase the profitability and sustainability of dairy farming 2019
823 ARIADNA Awareness Raising and capacity building Increasing ADoption of EGNSS in urbaN mobility Applications and services 2019
824 TESTBED2 Testing and Evaluating Sophisticated information and communication Technologies for enaBling scalablE smart griD Deployment 2020
825 PJ10-W2 PROSA Separation Management and Controller Tools 2019
826 PERMIT PERsonalised MedicIne Trials 2020
827 PROTECHT Providing RObust high TECHnology Tags based on linear carbon nanostructures 2020
828 RoBUTCHER A Robust, Flexible and Scalable Cognitive Robotics Platform 2020
830 GREAT Greener Air Traffic Operations 2020
831 Savesight Contact lens embedded sensor for ocular hypertension and glaucoma monitoring 2020
832 NEOSIGHT Bringing to the market a new generation of AI-powered Media Monitoring Tools 2020
834 SingStocDispDyn Singular Stochastic Dispersive Dynamics 2020
835 RAGT Robust Algorithmic Game Theory 2020
836 MKD Mine Kafon Drone: An Unmanned Airborne Demining System 2020
837 HyCat In-situ fabricated hydrogen evolution catalysts for alkaline water electrolysis 2020
838 EENINNOAUSTRIA4 Establishing Services Enhancing the Innovation Management Capacity of SMEs in the Enterprise Europe Network Austria 2020
839 AGILEFLIGHT Low-latency Perception and Action for Agile Vision-based Flight 2020
840 EduWell Education and Wellbeing of Youths in Secondary Schools: A Comparative Analysis of Teaching Styles and Happiness in Japan, France, and Finland 2021
841 TRAPS-2D Understanding The Role of the defects to Accomplish high Performance and Stable Two Dimensional Devices 2020
842 AIDE Archaeology, Inequalities and DiEt (AIDE) : Archaeology assisted by stable isotopes 2020
843 Micro-GIFT Microrobotic Gamete/Zygote IntraFallopian Transfer 2020
844 PROPERTY[IN]JUSTICE Land, Property and Spatial Justice in International Law 2020
845 Net2Gel Double network hydrogels for topical drug delivery applications 2020
846 BRAVO Establishing Blend Repair limit of blisks –from A perspective of Vibration amplificatiOn 2020
847 DYNAMOD-VACCINE-DATA A new method for dynamic opinion modelling of surveys applied to vaccine hesitancy data 2020
848 PlaGE Playing at the Gateways of Europe: theatrical languages and performatives practices in the Migrants' Reception Centres of the Mediterranean Area 2020
849 ACU-AHvE Multiculturalism in the work of Aldo and Hannie van Eyck. Rethinking universalist notions in architecture. 2021
850 Smart-WiFi Proposal title SMART Wi-Fi : Management of the Wi-Fi Spectrum and Performance 2020
851 CIRCULAR X Experimenting with Circular Service Business Models 2020
852 NanoCPPs Manufacture of nanostructured Conjugated Porous Polymers for energy applications 2020
853 EURARCTIKA The European Union in the Arctic 2020
854 RED-OPEN Unravelling Discoloration Mechanisms of Red Organic Pigments in Historical Art Works. 2021
856 MinusMicro Biopolymer Assisted Remediation of Microplastics from Fresh and Saline Water Environments using an Integrated Technology of Coagulation-Ultrasonication/Cavitation 2020
857 WAVES TRAVELING WAVES: Defining the mechanisms allowing attention to occur in space and in time 2020
858 ARENHA Advanced materials and Reactors for ENergy storage tHrough Ammonia 2020
859 USHPP Unassisted photochemical water oxidation to solar hydrogen peroxide production 2020
860 PROMET-H2 Cost-effective PROton Exchange MEmbrane WaTer Electrolyser for Efficient and Sustainable Power-to-H2 Technology 2020
861 ELECTRAMMOX Bioelectrochemical anaerobic oxidation of ammonia for sustainable N removal from wastewater 2020
862 Pept-AGE Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of age-related muscle loss to inform Artificial Intelligence-based discovery of novel peptide therapeutics for sarcopenia. 2020
863 Quad2BIM A cooperative approach which brings completeness and inclusiveness to the scan-to-BIM modeling process within the historical buildings life cycle. 2020
864 GeMeTIC Gestural Meanings: Typology and Interface Constraints 2020