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H2020 projects about "legitimacy"

The page lists 63 projects related to the topic "legitimacy".

# achronym  title  year 
1 VOICES Voices Of Individuals: Collectively Exploring Self-determination 2015
2 EUENGAGE Bridging the gap between public opinion and European leadership: Engaging a dialogue on the future path of Europe. 2015
3 ENLIGHTEN European Legitimacy in Governing through Hard Times: the role of European Networks 2015
4 Hennovation Practice-led innovation supported by science and market-driven actors in the laying hen and other livestock sectors 2015
5 MOLECOPS International mobility, local economics and European cooperation policies in the central Sahara 2015
6 NORNS Northern Narratives: The Poetics of Cultural Contact between Germany and Scandinavia in the Middle Ages 2015
7 Genocide accounting Accounting for genocide: legal and scientific accounting practices in the wake of the Srebrenica genocide 2016
9 REINVEST Financing Affordable Housing Under Localism 2015
10 TFL Transnational Force of Law 2015
11 COMPEN Penal Policymaking and the prisoner experience: a comparative analysis 2015
12 EMPATIA Enabling Multichannel PArticipation Through ICT Adaptations 2016
13 WeGovNow Towards We-Government: Collective and participative approaches for addressing local policy challenges 2016
14 JUDI-ARCH The Rise of Judicial Self-Government: Changing the Architecture of Separation of Powers without an Architect 2016
15 PRILA Prisons: the Rule of Law, Accountability and Rights 2016
16 PHILANTHROPIC RULE International Authority and Intellectual Domination: External Donors and Local Organizations in Latin American Social Sciences (1945-1973). 2017
17 COLEDISO Corporate Legitimacy in Digital Society: The Role of Citizens’ Judgments in Social Media 2016
18 YOUTHBLOCS Youth illegal political involvement in an intergenerational perspective 2016
19 Legitimacy Legitimacy, Sovereignty and the Public Sphere 2017
20 PhiSi The Role of Philanthropy and Social Investments in Fostering Research and Innovation. New financing forms and partnerships. 2016
21 PLATO The Post-crisis Legitimacy of the European Union European Training Network 2017
22 RICA Reputation Matters in the Regulatory State: Re-thinking the Fundamentals of Regulatory Independence, Credibility and Accountability 2017
23 PROSANCT Bombs, Banks and Sanctions: A Sociology of the Transnational Legal Field of Nuclear Nonproliferation 2017
24 ConscriptedVolunteer Conscripted Volunteering: An Ethnographic Study of Community Engagement Schemes in the Israeli Military 2017
25 INCRICO The International Criminal Court and the Judicial Function: a Socio-Legal Study of Judicial Perceptions and Practices 2018
26 SDD Spirits of Displacement and Diaspora 2017
27 CONPLEX The Constitutional Place of Expertise 2018
28 TROPICO Transforming into Open, Innovative and Collaborative Governments 2017
29 Realist Why do We Need a Realist Constitutional Theory to Study the Politics of Constitutional Change in the Middle East? 2017
30 ACOSA Breaking the Ice: INGOs as Arctic Council Observer Status Applicants 2018
31 PASSIM Patents as Scientific Information, 1895-2020 2017
32 SWFsEUROPE Legitimacy, Financialization, and Varieties of Capitalism: Understanding Sovereign Wealth Funds in Europe 2018
33 GLOBTAXGOV A New Model of Global Governance in International Tax Law Making 2018
34 NEW_DEMOCRACY Meeting Great Expectations Through Democratic Innovations 2018
35 IslamExpertEducation Educating Islamic experts in Western Europe: Between traditional and academized forms of knowledge formation and authority 2019
36 PATGOV The governance of the European patent system 2018
37 CRISEA Competing Regional Integrations in Southeast Asia 2017
38 LIDD Popular Sovereignty vs. the Rule of Law? Defining the Limits of Direct Democracy 2018
39 ACCUPOL Unlimited Growth? A Comparative Analysis of Causes and Consequences of Policy Accumulation 2018
40 RECONNECT Reconciling Europe with its Citizens through Democracy and Rule of Law 2018
41 DARE Disability Advocacy Research in Europe 2019
42 Affects Mobilising Affects: Politics of Security and the Withdrawal of Citizenship 2019
43 VictPart Righting Victim Participation in Transitional Justice 2019
44 SOLID Policy Crisis and Crisis Politics. Sovereignty, Solidarity and Identity in the EU post 2008. 2019
45 Affects Mobilising Affects: Withdrawal of Citizenship and Politics of Security 2019
46 JBinBA Joint Bodies in Bilateral Agreements 2019
47 EuroDipl European Diplomacy Practices post-Lisbon: Adding Value through Cooperation 2020
48 MINSOC Minority civil society, inter-ethnic peace and sustainable democracy 2019
49 VoiCED VOtIng Citizens and the Ethics of Democracy 2019
50 CrowdLawLab CrowdLaw: Towards a More Inclusive Lawmaking Through Technology 2020
51 PARIS REINFORCE Delivering on the Paris Agreement: A demand-driven, integrated assessment modelling approach 2019
52 NAVIGATE Next generation of AdVanced InteGrated Assessment modelling to support climaTE policy making 2019
53 SMERUPOL Analysing Politicisation around Sports Mega Events (SME) in contemporary Russia 2020
54 G20LAP G20 Legitimacy and Policymaking 2019
55 Minor Universality Minor Universality. Narrative World Productions After Western Universalism 2019
57 CoachingRituals Coaching as a social ritual: acting on people in a liberal-individualistic society (parenting, education, mental health care) 2020
58 REDEM Reconstructing Democracy in Times of Crisis: A Voter-Centred Perspective 2019
59 DISSECT DISSECT: Evidence in International Human Rights Adjudication 2020
60 CORPORATOCRACY The Business Corporation as a Political Actor 2020
61 NATIONAL-SUBJECTS Nation – Power – Subjectivity: The Making of National Subjects in Late Medieval Bohemia and Brabant (1300-1450) 2020
62 EUROCBH Europe and Its Central Banks: Lessons from History 2021
63 BOAR Veterinarization of Europe? Hunting for Wild Boar Futures in the Time of African Swine Fever 2020