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H2020 projects about "meson"

The page lists 7 projects related to the topic "meson".

# achronym  title  year 
1 HEAVYDWF Charm and Bottom flavour physics with chiral lattice fermions 2015
2 NewLightScalar Search for a new light scalar particle in the K+→π+χ decay at the NA62 experiment at CERN 2017
3 ExclusiveHiggs Search for New Physics in First and Second Generation Quark Yukawa Couplings through Rare Exclusive Decays of the Observed Higgs Boson 2017
4 XXQCD Excited and exotic hadron resonances from Quantum Chromodynamics 2017
5 NewPhysLat Search for new physics through lattice simulations 2017
6 CharmAsymmetries The charm of asymmetries or the asymmetries in charm (entangled edition) 2019
7 TOFU Testing leptOn Flavour Universality in excited strange mesons 2020