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H2020 projects about "neuroanatomy"

The page lists 9 projects related to the topic "neuroanatomy".

# achronym  title  year 
1 HOARDEVOL The evolution of food hoarding: from environmental pressures to brain mechanisms 2016
2 BRAIN2MIND_NEUROCOMP Developing and delivering neurocomputational models to bridge between brain and mind. 2016
3 DNA Dendritic integration by nanoscale neuroanatomy 2016
4 NETBIO-GE Quantitative brain network biomarkers for patient-specific diagnostics in idiopathic generalized epilepsy 2017
5 DESYNE Development of synaptic networks in songbirds 2018
6 NeuroLang Accelerating Neuroscience Research by Unifying Knowledge Representation and Analysis Through a Domain Specific Language 2018
7 NEUROFLIES Drosophila sechellia: a novel model to investigate nervous system and behavioral evolution 2019
8 NeuroSens Neuromodulation of Sensory Processing 2019
9 INDIVISUAL Individual differences in human gaze behaviour and the visual system 2020