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H2020 projects about "past"

The page lists 7 projects related to the topic "past".

# achronym  title  year 
1 POLEMIC Politics and Emotions Investigated Comparatively 2018
2 SOLMUS Social Landscapes as Multicultural Spaces: Ste─çci in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018
3 SC-EpiTranscriptome Investigating differentiation using parallel single cell transcriptomic and epigenomic analysis 2019
4 CRAACE Continuity and Rupture in Central European Art and Architecture, 1918-1939 2018
5 WARMCOASTS Sea level and extreme waves in the Last Interglacial 2019
6 MIDA Mediating Islam in the Digital Age. Present issues and past experiences of technological revolutions 2019
7 DIATOMIC Untangling eco-evolutionary impacts on diatom genomes over timescales relevant to current climate change 2019