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H2020 projects about "pulp"

The page lists 45 projects related to the topic "pulp".

# achronym  title  year 
1 APEX Advanced Process Economics through Oxidoreductases 2015
2 BioValue Quality determination of solid biofuels in real time 2015
3 LignoSilva Centre of Excellence of Forest-based Industry 2015
4 GreenLight Cost effective lignin-based carbon fibres for innovative light-weight applications 2015
5 PROVIDES PROcesses for Value added fibres by Innovative Deep Eutectic Solvents 2015
6 PULP2VALUE Processing Underutilised Low value sugarbeet Pulp into VALUE added products (PULP2VALUE) 2015
7 STEMMING-FROM-NERVE Targeted Cell Recruitment During Organogenesis And Regeneration: Glia Makes The Tooth 2015
8 Solaris Solaris Energy Tobacco 2015
9 APPROAcH APPROAcH: Antimicrobial and Save 3D-Printable Polymers for Oral Health 2016
10 SYBAWHEY Industrial symbiosis for valorising whey and banana wastes and by-products for the production of novel foods 2016
11 ECOPULPING Valorising the straw waste stream through a novel bio-mechanical process which converts 100% of the waste into three high value products including bleached paper pulp. 2016
12 PULPACKTION Optimised moulded pulp for renewable packaging solutions 2016
13 SPOTVIEW Sustainable Processes and Optimized Technologies for Industrially Efficient Water Usage 2016
14 FUDIPO Future Directions of Production Planning and Optimized Energy- and Process Industries 2016
15 NeoCel NeoCel – Novel processes for sustainable cellulose-based materials 2016
16 INSPIREWater Innovative Solutions in the Process Industry for next generation Resource Efficient Water management 2016
17 DryFiciency Waste Heat Recovery in Industrial Drying Processes 2016
18 HORTOMOLD Valorization of rice crops by-products into compostable food packaging 2017
19 EUCALIVA EUCAlyptus LIgnin VAlorisation for Advanced Materials and Carbon Fibres 2017
20 PAPERCHAIN New market niches for the Pulp and Paper Industry waste based on circular economy approaches 2017
21 BIOMOTIVE Advanced BIObased polyurethanes and fibres for the autoMOTIVE industry with increased environmental sustainability 2017
22 ROBIOT Improving the sustainability of bioenergy production with a Robot for Biomass Quality Management 2017
24 BoosT BOOSTing the industrial application of green carbides by thermal spraying in protective coatings 2018
25 GREENSENSE Sustainable, Wireless, Autonomous Nanocellulose-based Quantitative DoA Biosensing Platform 2018
26 Ligninpolymers Transformation of kraft lignin into a biodegradable biopolymer 2018
28 PECREGEN Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production from H2S in a Regenerative Scrubber 2019
29 BAMBOO Boosting new Approaches for flexibility Management By Optimizing process Off-gas and waste use 2018
30 BIOFIT Bioenergy retrofits for Europe’s industry 2018
31 Pulp and Fuel Pulp and Paper Industry Wastes to Fuel 2018
32 Grass Paper Grass Fibre as raw material for innovative Grass Paper products: the new economic and ecological resource for the European paper industry 2018
33 WoodZymes Extremozymes for wood based building blocks: From pulp mill to board and insulation products 2018
34 ACOSPECTOR The first Acoustic Chemometer for intelligent fluids analysis 2018
35 ECOHELIX Adding high value to wasted raw material from pulping industry 2019
36 CHBTECH Sulphur-free production method for non-food biopolymers (dissolving pulp, hemicellulose and lignin) 2019
37 SElectiveLi Conceptual Study of Electrochemical based novel process using Lignosulfonates to produce bio-based monomers & polymers 2019
38 VEHICLE Valorise Extensive quantities of HemIcellulosic and Cellulosic sugars from Lignocellulosic biomass into high-value End products 2019
39 TOPIS-BioCirc Integrating torrefaction of pulp and paper industry sludge with microbial conversion: A new approach to produce bioenergy carriers and biochemicals in a view of bio and circular economy. 2020
40 CellSorb Cost-efficient and safe cellulosic food pad 2019
41 BIOGRAPHENE Producing graphene from biogas: an innovative, renewable and cost-effective value-chain for industrialising the material of the future 2019
42 ECOFIPS ECOFIPS: Ecological Fibres for Insulation, Pulp and Substrate 2019
43 ACOSENSE ACOSENSE: The first Acoustic online instrument for intelligent fluids analysis 2019
44 PLMSAT Power line vegetation monitoring and maintenance optimization with satellite imagery 2019
45 Promyc A circular fungi-based high-protein feed solution for aquaculture 2019