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H2020 projects about "tractability"

The page lists 16 projects related to the topic "tractability".

# achronym  title  year 
1 HiDDaProTImA High-dimensional data processing: from theory to imaging applications 2016
2 NeuArc2Fun Biological neural networks: from structure to function 2016
3 CODA Custom-Made Ontology Based Data Access 2015
4 UPR NEURO The Unfolded Protein Response in Neurodegeneration 2015
5 GRACE Resource Bounded Graph Query Answering 2015
6 TOTAL Technology transfer between modern algorithmic paradigms 2016
7 CSP-Infinity Homogeneous Structures, Constraint Satisfaction Problems, and Topological Clones 2016
8 Rafts4Biotech Synthetic bacterial lipid rafts to optimize industrial bioprocesses 2017
9 CUTACOMBS Cuts and decompositions: algorithms and combinatorial properties 2017
10 IMPRiND Inhibiting Misfolded protein PRopagation in Neurodegenerative Diseases - Sofia ref.: 116060 2017
11 SUBLINEAR Sublinear Algorithms for Modern Data Analysis 2018
12 SUEE Strategic Uncertainty in Economic Environments 2018
13 FUNBIOSIS Mediators in plant pathogenic fungal-bacterial symbiosis 2018
14 PGErepro How to break Mendel’s laws? The role of sexual conflict in the evolution of unusual transmission genetics 2019
15 miRhythm Understanding mechanisms and functions of miRNA oscillations during development 2020
16 SCFTAlg Algebraic Foundations of Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theory 2020