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H2020 projects about "transportable"

The page lists 25 projects related to the topic "transportable".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SteamBio Flexible Superheated Steam Torrefaction and Grinding of Indigenous Biomass from Remote Rural Sources to Produce Stable Densified Feedstocks for Chemical and Energy Applications 2015
2 WO for solar fuels Integrating molecular water oxidation catalysts with semiconductors for solar fuels generation 2015
3 Mubic Mushroom and biogas production in a circular economy 2015
4 TRANSREGEN Portable thermal fluid regeneration system for Solar Thermal Plants 2015
5 Enerbox Sustainable and Standalone Oxyhydrogen powered heat generator box 2015
6 MEDIuM Mobile wireless Device microcantilever-based biosensor to identify and measure the aflatoxin B1 in animal food and M1 in the milk-chain 2015
7 Mobiclock Development and characterization of an ultra-high performance mobile optical atomic clock based on lattice-trapped atoms 2016
9 WhiteShift A calcifying phytoplankter’s response to climate change and its role in sinking carbon in the Subarctic Ocean using spaceborne and in situ observations and ecological modelling 2017
10 INTER Innovative Neutron source for non destructive TEsting and tReatments 2017
11 Metamorphosis On Request Mobile Testing Facility “Metamorphosis” 2017
12 ePatriot Evolved Sky Patriot – Phase 1 Feasibility Study 2017
13 CarbFix2 Upscaling and optimizing subsurface, in situ carbon mineralization as an economically viable industrial option 2017
14 PUMA antiProton Unstable Matter Annihilation 2018
15 BIOGASTIGER BIOGASTIGER® system – turning global organic waste streams into smart and clean energy 2017
16 FunMagResBeacons Functionalized Magnetic Resonance Beacons for Enhanced Spectroscopy and Imaging 2018
17 EVERYWH2ERE Making hydrogen affordable to sustainably operate Everywhere in European cities 2018
18 Endive Container The 1st turnkey container solution for organic ENDIVE growing based on cost-efficient rail gutters. 2018
19 SE3DPASTE Structurally Engineered 3D Printed Architectures for Scalable Tissue Engineering 2019
20 Regen-membrane Pulsed Electrophoretic Deposition to give Membranes for Regenerative Medicine 2019
21 MUSIC Market Uptake Support for Intermediate Bioenergy Carriers 2019
22 LNC Making Earth Green Again with Liquid Nano Clay 2019
23 DosiKit DosiKit, a first portable field medical device for fast triage of people after external irradiation 2019
24 VOROCO KOBOT – a VOice-responsive RObot for the COnstruction floor 2019
25 SLAQ Pre-commercialization of stable and compact lasers for atom based quantum technologies 2020