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H2020 projects about "troublesome"

The page lists 10 projects related to the topic "troublesome".

# achronym  title  year 
1 MoStMusic Models of Structure in Music 2016
2 WeLearnAtScale Understanding and Supporting Peer Feedback at Massive Learning Scale 2018
3 ZEOCATALYST Development of Multifunctional Zeolites for the Amelioration of Biomass Catalysis by Measuring and Understanding Synergistic Effects of Catalytic Active Sites 2019
4 PROTECTOR Improving resource efficiency through a protective film for hose reel irrigation 2018
5 CV4RE Computer vision with an eye For Real Estate 2018
6 MP-101 a novel drug for prevention and treatment peripheral neuropathy symptoms 2019
7 TwingTec Unlocking the Full Power of Wind 2019
8 TEEMothyTS Simulator Commercialization of simulator for interventional echocardiography, specializing in the field of minimally invasive medical therapies. 2019
9 RESIDUE Mongolian Buddhist Waste and the Recalcitrant Materiality of Blessings. 2020
10 A.L.I.B.I. Helping Children to Make the Best of their Transition to High School 2020