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Digi-NewB project deliverables

The page lists 3 deliverables related to the research project "Digi-NewB".

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Digi-NewB: list of downloadable deliverables.
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Digi-NewB website and communication material available

During the first six months, coordinator P.Pladys and the coordination team will involve UR1 and academic partners communication services to design the project identity and produce communication material:
- produce logo, visual identity, communication templates (word, slide presentation with key message)
- website (public and private area) and communication material : flyer, roll-up banner, poster, standard presentations with key messages and one page project description for use by all

Programme: H2020-EU.3.1.5. - Topic(s): PHC-30-2015

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Websites, patent fillings, videos etc. 2020-02-07

Training on WP cycle method

The cycle method is based on short cycles of goal-definition, self-organised research, and evaluation:
1. Formulation of goals by the Steering Committee (SC, assembly of all WP Leaders) for a specific time-period or ‘cycle’ (1-3 months).
2. Selection of goals and definition of a detailed planning by the members of each WP.
3. Steering of the achievement of the work within a WP through frequent short meetings (2 per month)
4. Presentation of the finished work to the Steering Committee (SC) by WP leaders
5. Development of contingency plan within the SC for problems not solved within the WP
We will have a dedicated coaching session to introduce this method during the kick-off meeting

Programme: H2020-EU.3.1.5. - Topic(s): PHC-30-2015

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Other 2020-02-07

Communication and dissemination activity plan

In collaboration with academic partners, UR1 will work out a strategic communication and dissemination plan answering WHO (target audiences) will receive WHAT (key messages), HOW (communication channels) and WHEN (implementation and time planner). The plan will detail the schedule for the community outreach activities like popular science activities (publications and fairs).

Programme: H2020-EU.3.1.5. - Topic(s): PHC-30-2015

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Documents, reports 2020-02-07