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H2020 projects about "alleviating"

The page lists 25 projects related to the topic "alleviating".

# achronym  title  year 
1 EMPOWER Local Electricity retail Markets for Prosumer smart grid pOWER services 2015
2 GEOTeCH Geothermal Technology for €conomic Cooling and Heating 2015
3 HEALTHYSYNAPSES Molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic maintenance and rejuvenation 2016
4 CANDLE Cancer Diagnosis by Multiplex Protein Epitope Profiling 2015
5 TERMS-Ocean Transgenerational Ecophysiological Responses to Multiple Stressors in a changing Ocean 2016
6 ROSIN ROS-Industrial quality-assured robot software components 2017
7 GAIT From symptom relief to disease modifying allergy treatment with Glycan-Allergen Immunotherapy 2017
8 DysTrack Brain-speech tracking in noisy conditions: towards the identification and remediation of dyslexia. 2017
9 ReMIX Redesigning European cropping systems based on species MIXtures 2017
10 X-Imaging MRI diagnosis using a single-shot imaging technique with unprecedented robustness to field inhomogeneities 2017
11 ErasmusBlink ErasmusBlink: A low cost and easy to use measurement system for medical research with diagnostic potential 2017
12 ImPRESS Imaging Perfusion Restrictions from Extracellular Solid Stress 2018
13 SPEAR SPEAR: Secure and PrivatE smArt gRid 2018
14 TENUMECA The technopolitics of nuclear megaproject pathologies, economic controversies and varieties of socioeconomic appraisal 2019
15 RECAGE How to best meet the needs of people with dementia with severe behavioural disturbances. Toward a respectful and cost-effective model 2018
16 CHIRON Spin Wave Computing for Ultimately-Scaled Hybrid Low-Power Electronics 2018
17 AST Automatic System Testing 2019
18 ICC Institutions in Consumer Credit 2018
19 SuWaNu Europe Network for effective knowledge transfer on safe and economic wastewater reuse in agriculture in Europe 2019
20 Syn2Psy Synaptic Dysfunction in Neuropsychiatric Disorders 2019
21 LaunTeNaBio Launch Test of Natural Biocides for the Control of Insect Borne Diseases 2019
22 BrainPatch BrainPatch – Breakthrough non-invasive brain stimulation using AI 2019
23 BiomStrip Over-The-Counter Test Strip for Early-Stage Cancer Screening 2019
24 ConnectToBrain Connecting to the Networks of the Human Brain 2019
25 SyNET From Network Verification to Synthesis: Breaking New Ground in Network Automation 2019