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H2020 projects about "argued"

The page lists 39 projects related to the topic "argued".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SOLIDUS SOLIDUS: “Solidarity in European societies: empowerment, social justice and citizenship” 2015
2 Intentions in Action Intentions in Action: Establishing the neural causes of intentional action 2015
3 IRC Imagination and Religious Credence 2015
4 BT-LH Link The consequences of the joint individual variation in size specific life histories and behavioural types 2015
5 Flex5Gware Flexible and efficient hardware/software platforms for 5G network elements and devices 2015
6 WANDERINGMINDS Not all minds that wander are lost: A neurocognitive test of mind-wandering state’s contribution to human cognition. 2015
7 Legitimacy Legitimacy, Sovereignty and the Public Sphere 2017
8 PROSOCIAL The neural basis of prosocial development in adolescence 2016
9 APOLOGY Political Apologies across Cultures 2016
10 IFAMID Institutional Family Demography 2016
12 Habit Roman Catholic laywomen’s “turn to habit” as a strategy of developing modern pious womanhood: Catholic female social reformers in France, Germany and Partitioned Poland between 1878-1914. 2016
13 TRADENET Firm-to-Firm Trade Networks 2017
14 STONECULT Do early stone tools indicate a hominin ability to accumulate culture? 2017
15 FEM1970 The Discovery of Pleasure. Female Sexuality and Value Change in West Germany and Italy in the Long Seventies 2017
16 LINGUISTIC ILLUSIONS Linguistic Illusions in Children with Down Syndrome, Specific Language Impairment and Typical Language Development 2017
17 ISEBI Individual Specialisation in Established Biological Invasions: importance and Ecological Impact 2017
18 BIRTHBRAZIL Birthing Abolition: Reproduction and the Gradual End of Slavery in Brazil 2017
19 EU-Drones The European Commission in Drone Community: a New Cooperation Area in the Making 2017
20 EPISTEMEBEHAVIOUR Behaviour, knowledge, policy. The philosophy of science perspective on the applications of the behavioural sciences in policymaking. 2018
21 CAB Cognition, ageing, and bilingualism: Investigating age-related changes in bilingual language switching and use. 2017
22 COHSMO (Former Hans Thor Andersen) Inequality, urbanization and Territorial Cohesion: Developing the European Social Model of economic growth and democratic capacity (COSHMO) 2017
23 ASSHURED Analysing South-South Humanitarian Responses to Displacement from Syria: Views from Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey 2017
24 COLSOC The Legacy of Colonialism: Origins and Outcomes of Social Protection 2018
25 SPEECHREPORTING Discourse reporting in African storytelling 2018
26 HHQM Hydrodynamics, holography and strongly-coupled quantum matter 2018
27 TextileLab Race to the bottom? Family labour, household livelihood and consumption in the relocation of global cotton manufacturing, ca. 1750-1990 2018
28 DISC Evolutionary diversification across scales 2018
29 USPAIN Suffering America: Writing Pain in Nineteenth-Century United States Literature 2019
30 NEOMEDIS NEOlithic MEDiterranean diet through stable ISotope analysis 2019
31 UniEqTURB Universal Equilibrium and Beyond - Challenging the Richardson-Kolmogorov Paradigm 2019
32 CONTROL Behavioral Foundations of Power and Control 2019
33 LIMEN Legal Liminality: An Inquiry Into the Cognitive Foundations of the Law 2019
34 MaritimeImagination Maritime Imagination: A Cultural Oceanography of The Netherlands 2019
35 COEXIST Co-creating change: experimenting with values for sustainability transformation 2020
36 MathematicsAnalogies Mathematics Analogies 2019
37 Cartesian Networks Cartesian Networks in Early Modern Europe: A Quantitative and Interdisciplinary Approach 2020
38 DENOPHECK Purposing de novo protein scaffolds for the Heck reaction 2020
39 SOCIAL MATCH The role of social behaviour in mate choice 2021