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H2020 projects about "belts"

The page lists 16 projects related to the topic "belts".

# achronym  title  year 
1 PROGRESS Prediction of Geospace Radiation Environment and solar wind parameters 2015
2 PLUGIN Payload Universal Geostationary Interface 2015
3 ExMeCy Cyclone processes leading to extreme rainfall in the Mediterranean region 2016
4 DEEP TIME Dynamic Earth Evolution and Paleogeography through Tomographic Imaging of the Mantle 2015
5 Respiratory Analyzer Validation of calibrated RIP (respiratory inductive plethysmography) based biomarker for diagnosis of SDB (sleep-disordered breathing) and the identification of an accessible screening solution 2015
6 LoadSEC Helping Europe's infrastructure to draw up with Europes increasing economic performance! Sutstainable and easy load securing! 2016
7 ICECHILLING Ice Chilling System for Enhanced Food Cooling 2016
8 Hazijax Hazard-Sensing, Network Connected Garments for Industrial Safety-Critical Environments 2016
9 HUTI Feasibility Study for HUTI – the Human Traffic Assistance System 2016
10 Metamorphosis On Request Mobile Testing Facility “Metamorphosis” 2017
11 Steammatic Detergent free steam cleaning system for modular conveyor belts in the food industry 2017
12 NEXT New Exploration Technologies 2018
13 Aseptic Smart World’s first unmanned, fully aseptic multi-functional commercial filling line for the bio-/pharmaceutical industry 2019
14 COOLER Climatic Controls on Erosion Rates and Relief of Mountain Belts 2020
15 SafeSpace Radiation Belt Environmental Indicators for the Safety of Space Assets 2020
16 SUBIMAP SUBduction Initiation at Magma-poor rifted margins: an Atlantic Perspective 2021