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H2020 projects about "blocked"

The page lists 18 projects related to the topic "blocked".

# achronym  title  year 
1 HeartAtaK Targeting the Anti-Target: From Structure to Drug in the heart Kv11.1 channel 2016
2 DYNAPORE Dynamic responsive porous crystals 2016
3 HRMECH Nucleases in homologous recombination: from basic principles to genome editing 2016
4 Ocean artUp Ocean Artificial Upwelling 2017
5 Vanrestrep Vancomycin resistance regulation in the antibiotic-producers streptomycetes 2018
6 LocationWise LocationWise Payment Card Validation: A cloud based location verification system that willsignificantly lower cost of payment card cyber security 2017
7 Rep. Fork Restart Restart of blocked replication fork at replication fork barrier 2017
8 LipidDrive LipidDrive - Lipidomics cloud computing platform and app 2017
9 TRANSGANG Transnational Gangs as Agents of Mediation: Experiences of Conflict Resolution in Street Youth Organizations in Southern Europe, North Africa and the Americas 2018
10 AirEx AirEx - Smart Ventilation Control 2017
11 DDoS Analyser Revolutionary Non-Disruptive DDoS Testing Technology that significantly strengthens resistance to DDoS attacks and provides ongoing visibility on identified DDoS mitigation vulnerabilities. 2018
12 BioHealx Anal Fistula Treatment 2019
13 PDX-PC Elucidation of tumour cell plasticity mechanisms associated to treatment in metastatic prostate cancer 2019
14 STOPFOP Saracatinib Trial tO Prevent FOP 2019
15 HYDROBLOCK Discrete Multi-physics modeling of hydrate blockage in pipelines 2020
16 TEMPIX A miniaturized system to secure the cold chain 2019
17 Perfuze A simple, repeatable way to completely remove a clot from the brain in one pass 2019
18 CELLULO-EPI Celluloepidemiology: a novel paradigm for modeling T-cell responses on a population level. 2020