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H2020 projects about "catalysing"

The page lists 18 projects related to the topic "catalysing".

# achronym  title  year 
1 MucoVac Unravelling the mode of action of mucosal adjuvants 2016
2 HurdlingOxoWall Late First-Row Transition Metal-Oxo Complexes for C–H Bond Activation 2016
3 MIN-GUIDE Minerals Policy Guidance for Europe 2016
4 UNRAVEL Understanding the Role of Antisense lncRNA in Vernalization, Memory and Life History 2016
5 MARINA Marine Knowledge Sharing Platform for Federating Responsible Research and Innovation Communities 2016
6 IsoMet Bacterial isoprene metabolism: a missing link in a key global biogeochemical cycle 2016
7 TGDNL Mechanisms of cellular fatty acid homeostasis 2017
8 BBEC2016 The role of regions in the European Bioeconomy - Bratislava Bioeconomy Conference 2016 2016
9 DNAmethAML Investigation of aberrant DNA methylation in malignant haematopoiesis 2018
10 ToDL Systems Chemistry: Steps Towards De-Novo Life 2017
11 CLARA Climate forecast enabled knowledge services 2017
12 Smart4Europe Catalysing Digitisation throughout Europe 2017
13 HiBriCarbon Mixed Biotic and abiotic functionalysed electrodes for Plant Microbial Fuel Cells applications 2018
14 ATTRACT breAkThrough innovaTion pRogrAmme for a pan-European Detection and Imaging eCosysTem 2018
15 PRE-LEAP-RE PREparing for a Long-Term Joint EU-AU Research and Innovation Partnership on Renewable Energy 2018
16 KNOWINN From Knowledge to Innovation: Building the evidence base to inform innovative entrepreneurship and risk-finance policies 2019
17 DNA-DOCK Precision Docking of Very Large DNA Cargos in Mammalian Genomes 2019
18 ExploDProteins Exploiting the DNA damage response to induce degradation of proteins 2020