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H2020 projects about "diagram"

The page lists 33 projects related to the topic "diagram".

# achronym  title  year 
1 EXPMFSG Search for an experimental test of the mean-field theory of simple glasses 2015
2 REE Value Chain Rare Earth Supply Chain and Industrial Ecosystem: A Material Flow Assessment of European Union 2015
3 VMHCIRCUITS Deciphering central role of VMH circuits in regulating energy balance 2015
4 HBMAP Decoding, Mapping and Designing the Structural Complexity of Hydrogen-Bond Networks: from Water to Proteins to Polymers 2016
5 DRIVOME Multi-modal interrogation of instinctive behaviours and intrahypothalamic connectivity 2016
6 INTERPLAY Interplay between genetic determinants of glycaemia, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in interaction with dietary and lifestyle factors 2017
7 DENDRITECIRCUITS The origins of dendritic computation within mammalian neural circuits 2016
8 SMILE Statistical Mechanics of Learning 2017
9 XQCDBaryons Baryons in extreme QCD matter 2017
10 quasiTENS Quantum Systems Investigated through Tensor Network States 2017
11 ABISSE AB Initio Simulations for Super-Earths 2017
12 RAMP RAtionalising Membrane Protein crystallisation 2017
13 PICKLE Planetary Interiors Constrained by Key Laboratory Experiments 2017
14 QuStA Quantum State Assembler 2017
15 DenseMatter High-density QCD matter from first principles 2017
16 TheONE The Janus-face of the localized carrier in cuprates: Generating the pseudogap and high temperature superconductivity 2017
17 CRITISUP2 Criticality and Dual Superfluidity 2017
18 HoldCancerBack What Holds Cancer Cells Back? 2017
19 SpinMelt Visualizing melting magnetic order and spin fluctuations in the cuprates 2017
20 LINKSPM Linking atomic-scale properties of 2D correlated materials with their mesoscopic transport and mechanical response 2018
21 CUPRES High pressure study of pairing or competing orders in high Tc cuprates 2018
22 ACB The Analytic Conformal Bootstrap 2018
23 HomTasBeh Mechanism of the Homeostatic Feedback Between Taste Circuits and Feeding Behaviours 2019
24 TRENSCRYBE TRapped ENSembles of Circular RYdBErg atoms for quantum simulation 2018
25 EuroPLEx European network for Particle physics, Lattice field theory and Extreme computing 2019
26 METAFOAM Novel assembly strategies in liquid dispersion via interface control – towards cellular metamaterials 2019
27 UniSDyn Building up a Unified Theory of Stellar Dynamos 2019
28 SpinScreen Screening of an electron spin by an epitaxial superconducting island in a semiconductor nanowire 2019
29 ACHROMAS Novel Materials Based on Alkali Chromites and Manganites for the Generation of Magnetic Skyrmions 2019
30 VorDIST Quantum transport in a disordered two-dimensional ultracold Fermi gas 2019
32 SIMIS Strongly Interacting Mass Imbalanced Superfluid with ultracold fermions 2020
33 Materials 4.0 Advancing materials design by high-accuracy finite-temperature first principles calculations accelerated by machine learning potentials 2021