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H2020 projects about "experimentalists"

The page lists 39 projects related to the topic "experimentalists".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ELiQSIR Engineered Light Potentials for Quantum Simulation with Individual-Atom Resolution 2015
2 QuantumLaP Quantum Effects in Multicolor Ultrafast Laser Processing: Broadening Boundaries of Classical Descriptions 2015
3 GCP-GEOTARCTIC Geochemical-physical coupled study of the modern Arctic Ocean: GEOTRACES-ARCTIC 2015
4 CREAM Control of Energy by Advanced Artificial Materials 2015
5 MoDATS Model-based Data Analysis of Transcription and Splicing 2016
6 OPERACQC Operational characterization of quantum correlations 2015
7 NEO-NAT Understanding the mass scales in nature 2015
8 PhotoMutant Rational Design of Photoreceptor Mutants with Desired Photochemical Properties 2016
9 QINTERNET Quantum communication networks 2016
10 InvisiblesPlus InvisiblesPlus 2016
11 N-MuQuaS Non-locality in Multipartite Quantum Systems 2016
12 ELUSIVES The Elusives Enterprise: Asymmetries of the Invisible Universe 2016
13 4PHOTON Novel Quantum Emitters monolithically grown on Si, Ge and III-V substrates 2017
14 TopoCold Manipulation of topological phases with cold atoms 2017
15 FLEXNEURO Flexible and robust nervous system function from reconfiguring networks 2017
16 ROSETTA Robust self-testing with applications to device-independent cryptography 2017
17 REINVENT REsummation-Improved moNtecarlo eVEnt geNeraTor 2017
18 QUENOCOBA Quantum Emitters in non-conventional baths 2017
19 DarkGAMBIT Global searches for dark matter and new physics with GAMBIT using effective field theory 2018
20 DarkGAMBIT Global searches for dark matter and new physics with GAMBIT using effective field theory 2018
21 DarkGAMBIT Global searches for dark matter and new physics with GAMBIT using effective field theory 2018
22 Imaging-XChem Imaging-XChem: A computational package for ultrafast electronic control in chemistry 2017
23 MESI-STRAT Systems Medicine of Metabolic-Signaling Networks: A New Concept for Breast Cancer Patient Stratification 2018
24 TiltHex Tilt Rotor Heat Exchanger 2018
25 ScaleCell Scalable Kinetic Models: From Molecular Dynamics to Cellular Signaling 2018
26 LIMA Controlling light-matter interactions by quantum designed 2D materials 2018
28 DDQF Dipolar Droplets in Quantum Ferrofluids 2018
29 HALT Hydrodynamical approach to light turbulence 2019
30 AndQC Andreev qubits for scalable quantum computation 2019
31 SMART THEME Surface-supported Molecular ARchiTectures: THEory Meets Experiment 2019
32 ANDLICA Anderson Localization of Light by Cold Atoms 2019
33 SELPH2D Spin Electron-Phonon in 2D materials 2019
34 TAURUS Theory for A Unified descRiption of nUclear Structure 2019
35 STEPforGGR Solar up-draft tower to enable atmospheric photocatalysis for non-CO2 greenhouse gases removal: an emerging negative emission technology 2020
36 SENSES Making Sense of Electrical Noise by Simulating Electrolyte Solutions 2020
37 TReSFiDS Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Strong-Field-Driven Solids 2021
38 SSFI Spin-resolved strong field ionisation 2021
39 CriLiN An Atomic Quantum Simulator with long-range, multi-body interactions 2020