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H2020 projects about "helicases"

The page lists 11 projects related to the topic "helicases".

# achronym  title  year 
1 G4DSB G-quadruplex DNA Structures and Genome Stability 2015
2 HJMIGRA Single-molecule analysis of Holliday-junction (HJ) migration by the human double-HJ dissolvasome 2015
3 SMI REP Investigating eukaryotic replisome dynamics at the single molecule level 2015
4 SpliceosomeStructure Structural role of protein splicing factors in promoting an active configuration of the spliceosome's RNA catalytic core 2016
5 PRIMASE_NMR Visualizing Primase Initiating DNA Replication using NMR Spectroscopy 2016
6 ReXeG Deciphering molecular mechanisms that resolve mutagenic DNA G-quadruplex structures 2017
7 MUTAnTS A microfluidic high throughput approach to helicase biophysics 2018
8 ORISPECIFICATION Molecular and structural mechanisms for metazoan replication origin specification 2018
9 MSOPGDM Mechanistic studies of prokaryotic genome defense mechanisms 2019
10 AntiHelix DNA helicases in genome maintenance: from molecular and cellular mechanisms to specific inhibitors as potential drugs 2019
11 GLoopID Mechanisms underlying regulation and removal of G-quadruplex/R-loop transcription-replication conflicts 2021