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H2020 projects about "iss"

The page lists 18 projects related to the topic "iss".

# achronym  title  year 
1 EDEN ISS Ground Demonstration of Plant Cultivation Technologies and Operation in Space for Safe Food Production on-board ISS and Future Human Space Exploration Vehicles and Planetary Outposts 2015
2 TIME SCALE Technology and Innovation for Development of Modular Equipment in Scalable Advanced Life Support Systems for Space Exploration 2015
3 BaCTher Bacteria for Cancer Therapy 2015
4 ICE Cubes ICE Cubes Service - International Commercial Experiment Cubes Service 2015
5 ENAMISS ENAMISS - Energetic Neutral Atoms Monitor on the International Space Station 2015
6 BIOWYSE Biocontamination Integrated cOntrol of Wet sYstems for Space Exploration 2016
7 NanoMembR Nanoscale Effects within Biological Membranes caused by Radiation 2017
8 MAtISSE Multichannel Investigation of Solar Modulation Effects in Galactic Cosmic Rays 2016
9 IoTEE Internet of Things Everywhere on Earth: a satellite based M2M solution 2017
10 ARION A reusable launch system of small payloads to suborbital space 2017
11 LEA The first Large European Antenna with a diameter larger than 5 meters 2017
12 I-Cuvette Smart cuvette and portable Time-Resolved FRET for fast analysis of milk 2017
13 ARION Reusable launch vehicle for small payloads 2018
14 SIZE The role of size in the sustainability of irrigation systems 2019
15 Ethno-ISS ETHNO-ISS: An Ethnography of an Extra-terrestrial Society: the International Space Station 2019
16 POCITYF A POsitive Energy CITY Transformation Framework 2019
17 ISEProD Industrial Structure and the European Productivity Growth Divergence 2020
18 PERMIT PERsonalised MedicIne Trials 2020