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H2020 projects about "neutrons"

The page lists 26 projects related to the topic "neutrons".

# achronym  title  year 
1 SoNDe Solid-State Neutron Detector - A new Neutron Detector for High-Flux Applications 2015
2 NeutronOPV New neutron techniques to probe bulk heterojunction solar cells with graded morphologies – understanding the link between processing, nanostructure and device performance 2015
3 BrightnESS Building a research infrastructure and synergies for highest scientific impact on ESS 2015
4 SINE2020 World class Science and Innovation with Neutrons in Europe 2020 – SINE2020 2015
5 Super-DENSE Superfluid dynamics of neutron star crusts and cores 2016
6 NANOTER Development of Ultra-Sensitive Nanotherapeutic Anticancer Agents for Boron Neutron CaptureTherapy 2016
7 Shape Evolution Investigation of shape evolution in neutron-rich nuclei using gamma-ray spectroscopy techniques 2016
8 TRAPLAB Lab Based Searches for Beyond Standard Model Physics Using Traps 2016
9 BEAM-EDM Unique Method for a Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Search using a Pulsed Beam 2017
10 MDFT Mathematics of Density Functional Theory 2017
11 ULTIMATE Towards the ultimate dark matter detector 2017
12 INTER Innovative Neutron source for non destructive TEsting and tReatments 2017
13 GEMMA GEneration iv Materials MAturity 2017
14 PUMA antiProton Unstable Matter Annihilation 2018
15 PrecisionNuclei Strong interactions for precision nuclear physics 2018
16 SIMDAMA Strong-interaction matter coupled to electroweak probes and dark matter candidates 2018
17 quMercury Ultracold mercury for a measurement of the EDM 2018
18 GENESIS GEnerating extreme NEutrons for achieving controlled r-process nucleosyntheSIS 2019
19 NEAT Neutron based Elemental Analysis Technology 2018
20 PartonicNucleus Understanding the Quark and Gluon Structure of the Nucleus 2018
21 BrightnESS-2 Bringing together a neutron ecosystem for sustainable science with ESS (BrightnESS-2) 2019
22 FRINGE Fluorescence and Reactive oxygen Intermediates by Neutron Generated electronic Excitation as a foundation for radically new cancer therapies 2019
23 TAURUS Theory for A Unified descRiption of nUclear Structure 2019
24 HARMONIC Health effects of cArdiac fluoRoscopy and MOderN radIotherapy in paediatriCs 2019
25 SHADES Scintillator-He3 Array for Deep-underground Experiments on the S-process 2020
26 neutronSPHERE Neutron Spectroscopy with a Spherical Proportional Counter for precision measurements in deep-underground laboratories 2020