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H2020 projects about "ontogenetic"

The page lists 9 projects related to the topic "ontogenetic".

# achronym  title  year 
1 DEVOLEMPA The developmental and evolutionary basis of human intersubjectivity 2015
2 PSYCHOCELL Cellular substrate of abnormal network maturation in neuropsychiatric disorders 2016
3 VERTEBRATE HERBIVORY Evolution of herbivory in vertebrates: developing combined isotope (Ca, Sr) and dental surface texture analysis as deep time diet proxies 2016
4 Baby DCs Age-dependent Regulation of Dendritic Cell Development and Function 2017
5 MENTALIZINGORIGINS Origins of theory of mind: action prediction by great apes and human infants 2018
6 ORIGINSOFTRUST The Psychological Origins of Trust-Based Cooperation 2018
7 FriendCoop The role of friendship in cooperation: a comparative and cross-cultural developmental approach 2019
8 HelpSeeking Ontogenetic and Phylogenetic Roots of Strategic Help-seeking 2020
9 3DFOSSILDIET Tracing the Ontogenetic Evolution of Diet and Behavior in Neandertals and Anatomically Modern Humans in the Franco-Cantabrian Region. An Integrative study of 3D Tooth Wear Patterns 2020